5 Best Digital Pianos for Beginners

In every family event or reunion, there is always that one person who knows how to play a musical instrument. But what people really love is when someone in the family knows how to play piano. Some people ask why, but there is just something special when a person listens to a particular piano piece. And aside from that, there are actually many good benefits people can get from playing the piano; this includes relieving stress, improving one’s social skills, and improving one’s academic performance.

This article will talk about great portable digital pianos that are highly recommended to those people who wanted to start learning how to play the piano now. The reviews in this article are from people who have already experienced using these portable pianos.

1. Roland FP-90

Musicians already know that Roland musical instruments are known for its quality and its performance. It is one of the top picks of those people who play the piano and those who currently own a digital piano. Compared to other digital pianos, this brand and model is pretty impressive because it already has full 88 keys and has around 72 pre-set songs. There are also other cool effects this digital piano has and at the same time, it has Bluetooth connectivity in which people can use musical apps on their mobile phones.

2. Kawai ES110

Highly recommended for those people who are specifically with the sound, the digital piano produces. It has an incredible sound technology which is perfect for those people who really wanted to learn how to play the piano and at the same time, have a good sound quality. To those people who wanted a digital piano with higher volume, higher than it normally, produce, people may connect the digital piano to an amplifier. And lastly, people can also make use of their musical apps installed on their mobile phones because it has Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard

This 61-key digital piano is highly recommended for people who are just starting to learn how to play the piano; most especially for kids. Those who are on a tight budget will surely love to invest in this piano because it is affordable and it has already all the simple features every learner needs when they are just starting to have a piano lesson. Features people like the most is they can record themselves playing the piece and they can also play it back to know which parts need improvement and all.

4. Casio PX350

Definitely best for those who wanted to experience a realistic piano sound; although it’s just a digital piano, it can produce an impressive sound that those who are keen to sounds will surely appreciate. The brand has been already famous when it comes to producing quality instruments and other materials.


Best for beginners; the keys of the buttons people need to press to operate the digital piano are easily located. It has great recording products. People can play the piano and at the same time, record it so they can play it back and listen to it. It also has 88 keys which are excellent for people to explore.