5 Types Of French Press Works

They come in different sizes and materials that all add up to make a French press coffee maker. They are a variety of them that you can distinguish them from their sizes or the materials that make them. Your work is to select the best model that works out for you after going through this guide.

Huge French press

They are largely made to cater for a multitude of people. These places can either be your home with your colleagues, a party birthday or at a cafeteria. These types of coffee makers make a lot of coffee to satisfy the group of people who were intended to take the coffee.

It is the best to use if you intent to make batches of coffee. They do not work well for a small group of people as they tend to leave the extra coffee in the container. You cannot use this model to make coffee for a small number of people. They tend to use a small ratio of coffee grounds to the amount of water.

The small French press coffee maker

They typically make three to four cups. This can only satisfy you and may two other friends. They are best used on regular basis for few people. They are perfect in making less than two servings preventing any left over from staying for a while in the container and to get stale. They tend to use a higher ratio of coffee grounds to water which is a negative effect.

Metal French press coffee maker

This is the best in terms of durability. It is the best than using the glass French press which can break at any moment. The metal French vary in different sizes but is great to keep your coffee hot for a longer period. They hold your coffee drink well in good temperatures maintaining the hotness. You cannot hold at the bottom area due to high heat and does not look pleasing like the glass models.

The Bodum Chambord French press

It has a great value for style and dependability features all in one. You can only see this feature from round classy tops and three different sizes of iconic presses. They have glass beakers with stainless steel handle and base. The small sizes come with an unbreakable glass option. They are classy but the bad thing there some models with plastic parts.

Electric model of French press coffee makers

With this model you can boil water and make your coffee under one container. It is quick to use the electric coffee plunger and keeps your coffee warm. The negative part is that electric parts can fail and it is expensive to purchase it.


With availability of different models you can get one that pleases you. The different models give you the opportunity to select the best coffee maker that suits you and get that quality taste of coffee. Find more information here: and you will get more information on the French press coffee maker.