Beginner’s Sketch Guide: Features of the Right Pencil for Sketching

Learning how to sketch is fun and easy; as long as you are determined to learn how to make a masterpiece.

Pencil for sketching and sketch pads are a few essential tools that every beginners and professional must have. However, unlike sketch pads, pencils for sketching are often underrated when choosing one; this means, beginners would often prioritize finding a quality-made sketchbook than finding out what pencil should they use when sketching.

Pencils for sketching aren’t completely similar to the regular pencils that most grade-schoolers possess. There are several types of pencils for sketching, which are often identified according to its grade that ranges from hard (9H) to soft (9B). Also, you may choose the right pencil with these following types:

•    Standard graphite pencils
•    Graphite stick pencils
•    Charcoal pencils
•    Colored pencils
•    Watercolor pencils

There is a lot of pencil for sketching that you can choose and use; try to check them all out here, it will be easier for you to choose one.

But which pencil should you choose? If you are still having a hard time choosing the right pencil for you, here a few features of the best pencil for sketching that you can look for, which will help you draw better:

1. Smooth to use

Do not get confused with the texture of the pencil when you draw from the grade of the pencil; these are two different features. The grade of the pencil is referred to the “hardness” and the “blackness” of the markings; the texture, on the other hand, is cleanliness or the smoothness of every stroke you make.

There are pencils that do not have smooth traces making it hard to draw or emphasize the mark; these kinds of pencils will make it hard for you when sketching because of the inconsistencies of the trace. So, when choosing a pencil for sketching, look for a brand that features smooth traces.

2. Rich pigment

Pencils have different grading, which ranges from 9B to 9H; 9B is considered as the most black, while 9H pencils are light in color. However, there are pencils that do not provide you the right pigment from what they should look like; for instance, you chose to buy an HB-graded pencil but you are getting a 2H-graded pencil when you tried to use it, this means the manufacturer of that pencil is not reliable. So, buy a pencil from a reliable brand, it is the best way you can guarantee that you are buying the best type of pencil for sketches.

How will you know the difference between HB-grade pencils from a 2H-grade pencil? Simple; there are guides about pencil grades that you can use to choose which pencil you needed the most. In fact, you can visit Great on Draft Designs’ website; there are a lot of things you’ll learn about sketching, drafting, and more.

3. Quality

If you want to learn how to sketch like a professional, use pencils that are made from quality materials. You may read reliable posts and product reviews to find out which set of pencils for sketching is the best.