Blow Drying your Brushes?

Like any other tool, makeup tools need utmost care in order to last long. This is true especially with brushes, and makeup brushes are no exception. Since they are used for cosmetics and for our facial aesthetics purposes, it’s no secret that they have to maintain an optimum quality.

Ellis James Designs says exactly that. I was reading this article that they have on makeup tips, entitled “Can You Blow Dry Makeup Brushes?” it is located in their website It gave a realization: people must not only know how to put on makeup, they also have to learn how to take care of their makeup kits.

The answer to the question is, one should never do so with his/her makeup brushes. The site states several good reasons why.

Damaging the fibers

The bristles are made to be great for use on your face, and so they have a delicate composition, which is said to be the same as that of your hair. Blow drying them can cause damage, dryness, and eventually develop split ends. Think of your brushes as your own hair; though it probably doesn’t need shampoo, it still needs some meticulous care.

Unintended Styling

Blow drying one’s hair enables you to heat style them. The same can happen to your brushes, and it damages their shape. While it may not sound like a problem, take note that brushes were created with a shape in mind, and causing a deformation to their shape is, in effect, a deformation to your brush.

Damaging the adhesive

Most makeup brushes use glue to keep the bristles together, and blow drying them can degrade or damage the glue composition, which actually happens to any other kind of glue. Therefore, it would be smart to keep them off high temperatures, such as exposure to sunlight, or in hot cars.

What should you do?

Fortunately, Ellis James Designs have outlined steps in taking care of your makeup brushes, without blow drying.

1. After washing, gently squeeze the bristles using your hands. Afterwards, place the brush on a microfiber towel, fold the towel over the top, and squeeze the bristles again.

2. Reshape the damp brush to retain their shape. Then hang them upside down from a makeup brush drying rack. If you don’t have a drying rack for this, Ellis James Designs recommends a QGakago 28-capacity brush rack, which is available in Amazon.

3. Place the rack in a cool, well-ventilated area, but away from sunlight. Thicker brushes would need more time to completely dry. Wait for them to be dry before using.

However, Ellis James Designs concedes that you may not have enough time to hang your brushes dry. If you have to, follow their tips:

1. Set the air to the coolest and at the lowest speed, then don’t aim the blower directly to the bristles. Instead, hold the brush upside down, and let the air flow from the handle to the bristles.

2. Keep rotating the dryer to avoid buildup of heat. If needs be, reshape the brush. Do so until it is dry.

Ellis James Designs recommends makeup remover cloth made of microfiber, because they can come in handy in removing your makeup and doing a quick clean on your brushes if you don’t have enough time. You can simply wipe your brushes with such type of material, and they are easy to wash, which makes them better than disposable makeup pads. The site recommends that sold by Rainbow Rovers; they come in threes and are available in Amazon too.

Indeed, taking care of your stuff and they’ll take good care of you. Keep your makeup brushes in their best condition and you’ll ensure they’ll be with you for a long time!