Choosing the Right Shoes for Step Aerobics

One of the cardiovascular exercises is the step aerobics, which is known for its physical activities that are high in intensity and low in impact. Aside from the proper performance of aerobic exercises, it is also of great importance to wear the proper shoes for the main purposes of preventing injury as well as provision of appropriate support to the feet. Athletic shoes are not recommended because not all of them are capable of supporting the movements that come with aerobic exercises. That is why it is not advisable to try to wear a pair of running or street shoes in doing the step aerobics. First and foremost, it is highly suggested the specific needs of your feet by determining the size and most especially, if there are any variations, deformities, and any other problems.


Variations in the feet include having the flat one, different level of arch, such as a high arch and a low one, as well as a pair of wide feet. If you fall into any of the said variety, then you have to take this into significant consideration and choose the type of aerobic shoes that are designed for it. You can browse the internet for the most effective ways in determining the specific variation of your feet, if there are any. There are also tips on how to choose the aerobic shoes for you in accordance to your variation.

For those people with flat feet, the aerobic shoes that have a feature on motion-control is highly advisable because it has the capacity to provide the optimum support needed for the flatness of the sole of the feet. Those who are having feet with high arches should choose the aerobic shoes that come with extra feature for cushioning and a midsole that is soft. A pair of stability shoes is considered to be the most ideal choice for people whose feet have neutral arches.

Aside from determining the footwear needs, it would also be better to know the type of floor where the aerobics exercise will be done. The soles of the shoes matter on the type of floor, such as having shoes with good traction soles on linoleum or wood type of flooring. A carpeted floor would need a lesser tread of the aerobic shoes of choice. It is also important to choose the aerobic shoes that have soles that do not leave any marking on the floors, especially the linoleum type or hardwood.

As soon as you have assessed your footwear needs and the environment for aerobics, it is the right time to finally choose the aerobic shoes for you. Firstly, you can find good quality water aerobics shoes or any other type through a specialty store that particularly sells sports and aerobic shoes. Picking the right size of shoes is an obvious step to do but it is also very helpful to make sure that you choose the one that is generally lightweight. Flexibility is another feature that you might want to highly consider. For more tips on choosing the aerobics shoes, browse the internet.