Choosing Your Type of Kayak


A kayak is a boat that you can use when you want to explore the beach, lakes and even rivers. Some kayaks would allow you to be more adventurous while some would limit you to just sightseeing.

With the different uses and choices of kayaks to pick from, how would you know which is best for you? You could easily go to websites like where you can check out recommended kayaks. But, you would need to consider some important things before you could choose one from their list.


1. Use


First things first. Determine where you want to go kayaking so you would select a kayak that would be perfect for the type of water you would be treading. There are kayaks that are specifically used for a certain water type. Sea kayaks are longer than whitewater kayaks. This gives you comfort and space for water and other things while paddling across the open waters.


2. Type


There are two main types of kayaks. These are the sit-on-top or SOTs and sit-in or the traditional sit-insides kayaks. SOTs are perfect for casual kayaking and riding down easy-flowing rivers or around quite lakes. People who are not comfortable staying in enclosed areas for long periods of time can choose this type of kayak. People who prefer fast and easy to maneuver kayaks though, choose sit-insides. – There are also other categories of kayaks such recreational kayaks, day touring and touring kayaks, folding kayaks, inflatable kayaks, fishing kayaks and tandem kayaks.


3. Material


Kayaks can differ from each other depending on the material that is used to make it, as well. The most common materials are the composites, polyethylene plastic, and polycarbonates. Kayaks made of composites are strong and light while ones made of polyethylene are heavier. The quality of the materials would affect the price of the kayak greatly though. So, if you are only going to use a kayak for a short period of time you might want to consider getting one that would not cost you a lot. But, if you want kayak to be your hobby or you would want to compete in the future, you would need to invest in high-quality materials.


4. Seat


The comfort that the seat of the kayak gives you should also be taken seriously. You have to make sure that you could enjoy your time on the boat without worrying about your legs cramping of sleeping and your backing aching. A good kayak should have a seat that could be adjusted or modified to make your kayaking experience even more desirable and fun.


5. Hatches


When you are just going on a day tour, you might not need a lot of storage areas in your boat. However, if you are one that likes bigger tours or aquatic backpacking, then you should consider getting a kayak with two or wider storage areas. You would need them for your food and water, first aid kit and other things you would be taking with you.