Different Types of Aging and How it Affects the Skin

Aging is a naturally occurring process. However, in this age wherein appearance partakes a huge role, especially at work, more adults quest for solutions to look younger. They turn to skincare products and cosmetics that would help them restore their skin.

Most adults depend on skincare products to help them preserve skin health. They depend on anti-aging products, believing it could bring back their youthful skin. It is no wonder the anti-aging industry keeps on booming.

Different factors influence aging. Therefore, some types of aging are not easily treated by using skincare products. To help you understand more about aging below is a detailed explanation about the different types of aging and how it affects the skin.

Intrinsic Aging

It is a slow process of aging, which manifests on the skin through the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, paleness, as well as dry and less elastic skin. These symptoms become more apparent with old age.

Intrinsic aging is a result of epidermal and dermal atrophy. It occurs when there is a reduction of fibroblasts and collagen. Low levels of collagen can lead to skin fragility, reduced nutrient transfer, and lesser elasticity.

Extrinsic Aging

Take note of the word ‘extrinsic.’ It is a type of aging wherein the factors causing the effect came from external sources. For instance, exposure to UV rays (also known as photoaging) and toxins causes extrinsic aging. Also, unhealthy lifestyles like smoking, taking illegal drugs, and excessive alcohol drinking influences this skin condition.

These factors cause wrinkles to deepen and become coarse. Moreover, it encourages hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and reduces skin elasticity. On the other hand, photoaging (exposure to UV rays) damages the epidermis, which results in atrophy and abnormal keratinocyte maturation, thereby loosening the skin.

Hormonal Change

Sometimes premature aging can be a result of hormonal imbalance. Remember that the skin is a hormone-dependent organ. Therefore, a sudden decline in hormones essential for skin health can trigger various issues, including aging.

It is the reason why women who reach the menopausal stage suddenly experience changes on the skin. More wrinkles appear and the skin becomes less elastic in this phase. All of these are a result of a drop in estrogen levels during menopause. Estrogen is a hormone that supports collagen production, skin hydration, skin thickness, and production of new skin cells.

How to Stop the Effects of Aging? 

The key to stopping aging is living healthy. Exercising and eating nutritious foods supports slowing down the aging process. Also, make sure to follow the correct skincare routine that is suitable for the type of your skin. If you don’t know where to begin looking for skincare solutions and routine, you can go to this online source,

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Though aging is inevitable, there is a way to slow it down and reverse its effects. All you have to do is live healthy, practice fitness, and choose the right skincare routine.