Diseases And Pests That Can Attack Your Garden

Any garden is susceptible to attack from pests and diseases which will ruin your plants and cause your garden to lose it attractive nature. This is because of some animals, mostly insects attack and eat garden plants while diseases make them lose their color and become ugly.

Some of the common pests that can attack your garden include aphids, flea beetles and worms. Some of these pests suck sap or juice from the parts of your garden plants and thus prevent them from growing normally.

Typical pests and diseases you should keep your garden free from.

Some little animals attack the stems of garden plants and interfere with the normal support of the plant. This can be noticed quite late when a tree is too weak that it is actually leaning or may even fall; such a case is dangerous.

There also exist bigger pests that will destroy your garden in more dangerous ways. This includes rabbits, skunks, rats, moles, raccoons, and opossums. This will eat your garden plants away and it might just be too late when you begin noticing their effects. You can prevent them from accessing your garden by fencing it all around and not just by hedges as they can easily go through them.

Common garden plant diseases that you might have to deal with include blight, downy mildew, and powdery mildew. These are diseases which spread fast through the plants in your garden and if you do not intervene early to control their spread, it might be too late to get the situation under control.

The above garden plant pests and diseases make the garden look unpleasant and less attractive. It is important to take the right intervention to prevent them from dominating your plants. There are numerous other diseases and pests that the plants in your garden are exposed to if you do not maintain your garden. You can click here for more info and get to learn about more pests and diseases and how you can control them if they attack your garden.

In keeping your garden safe from any of the above pests and diseases, you can either fence your garden or trap the bigger pests. Fencing prevents pests moving from other yards to get to your garden and ruin yours that you have worked so hard on.

If you have a garden where you plant edibles like pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots, and onions it is important to keep them safe from pests and diseases. This is because they are vulnerable to attack because they are foodstuffs and these pests can also spread diseases to your family through the food you take from your infested garden.

Your garden is the gem of your home, as it is what attracts guests to your home. A beautiful and well-maintained garden is also a great place to relax with friends and family after a long day at work. So it is important to keep your garden free from pests and diseases.