Essential Table Saw Jigs That You Must Have



A simple cut can become complex if you don’t have the right tool. Cutting a wood into the desired shape can take a lot of time and effort if you have no table saw jig. However, necessary set-ups can be done to make wood cutting easier. Thanks to the table saw jigs. With these tools, woodwork becomes less complex. You can make your own table saw jig if you still don’t have one. You can check the Ultimate List of Table Saw Jigs to have an idea what you need for your woodworking shop. You can also check out below for the basic and essential table saw jogs that you must have.

  1. Figure A Circle Cutting Jig

Its base is wider than the diameter of the circle you intend to cut. It comes with a 1/8 inch of diameter center pin (A) which protrudes at least ¼ inches. This can be found in a line perpendicular to the edge as well as center5ed front to back. And the same line continues up to the clamp rail. Allow the blank to overhang the base when positioning the pin. And the retainer riser must have the same thickness with that of the blank. The heavy paper shims offer clearance under the riser’s tops to allow the blank to rotate.

  1. Circle Cutting Jig

This is needed when you create clocks, tables or toys’ wheels. Let’s face it; wooden circles are very common in any shop. To cut a large wooden wood circle, the table saw is needed. It is essential when you are working on a big wooden circle. And having a circle cutting jig ready for use can be very helpful in accomplishing such task.

  1. Taper Cutting Jig

The tapers are not often used but this is helpful when working on the embellishment of some pieces that come out from the shop. A taper will help bring out a class to a certain piece while a jig will make cutting easily done. This can be done easily like setting an angle and acquiring the right cut.

  1. Kerfmaker Box Joint Jig Style

This provides style to drawers and boxes and needs no tools or any special bit. A solid joint depends on its set-up. And you will need a repeatable cutting jig which is accurate enough to have a fit tight and for it to be useful and beautiful. So, if you are planning to build drawers, never start the work without Kerfmaker Box Joint Jig Style at hand.

  1. Thin Rip Jig

This is essential to make stocks of thin strips of small parts, square doweling, and laminations. The end result is offcut or the part that hangs at the side of the table and thin rip jig will create strips with similar strength. So, if you are serious in your woodworking endeavor, it is best to be equipped with all the table saw jigs mentioned above to elevate your woodworking performance to a higher level.