Exercise For the Whole Family

Exercise For the Whole Family

Family dinner is sometimes hard to accomplish with everyone in the family’s busy schedule. There must be another time in the day that families can spend together that isn’t around the dinner table, right? What about exercising together? Family is an important part of most people’s lives and instilling common family values of exercise can shape everyone’s lives for the better.

For families that have younger children, something like these Mommy-and-Me workouts is perfect. Who needs weights when you have a baby? They say that women don’t notice how strong they get throughout and directly after pregnancy solely due to the fact that they are carrying and then lifting more and more weight on a daily basis. Starting this young is an amazing way to create a child that is aware that exercise is an important aspect of daily life.

If your baby is no longer just a baby, and you can’t catch them long enough to do sit-ups with them, you’ll be needing to step it up just a bit more. Learning simple bodyweight exercises that you can teach to the little ones while you execute them lets you tone up. Put on your favorite music and everyone can join in to do squats, push-ups and dips!

A lot of people will want a little something more. If you have older children, this is perfect, as well. A little less family-time oriented, but still something that the entire family can share. A home gym is always an option, but it’s not always a good financial option to get all of that equipment.

Rowing machines are paving a huge presence in the home fitness world. Not only can you find rowing machines that are compact and within your price range, but they lend themselves to an amazing workout. Many of them fall in an affordable price range with more expensive ones only having a few more perks that come along. No matter which you get, they’re equally good. They combine efficient cardio with low-impact muscle and core training, too.

Making it a competition ups the challenge for everyone! See who can row the fastest times for certain distances on your new rowing machine. Nothing gets family going like a good rivalry. Dad, you might win this one.

Finding a way to carve out time for family exercise may seem difficult, but it can be extremely beneficial. Everyone gets in shape, learns how to treat their bodies and potentially can hold bragging rights over everyone else in the family!

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