Getting Started with Makeblock Ultimate Robot Kit for Adults

Robot kits are a fun way to understand the basics of technology. Professionals in robotics, engineers, and programming recommend robot kits as an excellent training ground for beginners in these studies.

When talking about advanced robot kits, the most popular programming technology available since the beginning is Arduino. However, today there are countless robot kits like Arduino with interactive design and configurations. One example that rivals Arduino is Makeblock.

Who is Makeblock?

Makeblock Co., Ltd, was founded in 2013. The company is a global STEAM education solution which targets the STEAM education and entertainment markets for schools, and educational institution across the globe. Jasen Wang (Wang Jianjun), the founder and CEO of Makeblock created this company for families, especially for the kids who aspire to become a part of the robotic industry.

Over the years, Makeblock introduced various robot kits models and designs that turn people’s ideas into real physical objects. And one of Makeblock’s successful and admired robot kits is the Ultimate 2.0 Robot Kit.

Learning the Ultimate 2.0 Robot Kit by Makeblock

The Ultimate 2.0 robot kit is one of Makeblock’s wide-array of educational robots. It is also the flagship robot kit of the Makeblock platform. The robot kit includes 160 mechanical parts and a module, to help spark beginner’s creativity using modern technology.

The Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 robot kit is one of the six of the best programmable robot kits this year. Online sources and customer reviews keep on praising the incredible features of the product. It is the top-seller robot kit as of now.

But here is the question; why should you pick this robot kit? What makes it unique from other options?

What are its Features?

Below is a list of its features to help you know more about it and find out why you should consider this robot kit.

  • Different Configurations

The robot kit features 10 building forms. Each form has a unique design and application. The different configuration it has is one of the reasons why this option is ideal for STEAM education and hobbyist.

  • Durable Materials

You can assure that each part and elements of the kit came from high-grade and durable materials. Every piece of the product is resistant to impact and fall.

  • Easy to Build

This robot kit features Anodized 6061 aluminum mechanical parts. These parts have a threaded-slot design to support an easy-to-build robot. Hence, every element or piece of the kit will immediately fit perfectly.

  • Wireless Connection

The robot features wireless connection, specifically Bluetooth. After completing the project, you can connect the robot to any smart devices for control. Moreover, the robot has three powerful encoder motors that support the movement.

How to Begin?

You don’t need advance knowledge in technology to know how to build this robot kit. The purpose of this product is to enhance your knowledge about robotics, including the basics. To start, all you have to do is read the manual and follow each instruction on how to build every robot design.

Indeed, Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 Kit is a good buy for aspiring engineers, programmers, and professionals in robotics; a remarkable educational kit for both students and adults.