Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom: Essential Facts You Need to Know

If you are planning to try your first magic mushroom, you should not only consider a shroom ideal for beginners, but it should be potent too. Well, there’s Golden Teacher magic mushroom that you should consider.

What is the Golden Teacher magic mushroom?

Golden Teacher (GT) magic mushroom is one of several popular magic shroom strains and the most popular strains of Psilocybe Cubensis. It has light brown, yellowish, gold top caps – almost similar to cinnamon. Also, it has larger caps and stems, which are distinctively different from other P. cubensis strains.

GT shrooms have a cap size of 20 – 80 mm in diameter. Its golden cap is slightly curved, with its center adorned with specks of yellow. The shroom’s gills are gray, darken throughout its age, and blacken when matured.

GT shrooms are easy to distinguish and easy to grow. In fact, these shrooms are popular amongst growers, especially beginners.

How potent is the Golden Teacher magic mushroom?

One of the reasons why GT magic shrooms are highly recommended to beginners is their mild potency.

GT mushrooms are mild and ideal for all types of magic mushroom users, especially newbies. These magic shrooms are known as the gateway for beginners to the world of magic mushroom as it provides less risk during the first trip.

What are the trip effects of taking Golden Teacher?

Since GT shrooms have mild potency, their trip effects are shorter than the other types of magic mushrooms. Technically, its effects will subside within 2 – 4 hours on beginners but shorter on casual users.

It is reported that the recognizable trip effect of GT magic shroom is euphoria, which is useful for people suffering from extreme anxiety and depression. Of course, there’s also mild visual distortion, feeling powerful emotions, enhanced colors, and giddiness. On top of that, several newbies claim that GT mushrooms can let you experience clarity, peacefulness, and spiritual awakening.

Even though there are a lot of good experiences with the first trip on GT magic mushroom, there are also newbies who experienced bad trips. These effects include distorted thinking, frightening hallucination, visual alteration, and depersonalization. However, these bad effects of using any strain of magic mushrooms can only happen if you use the shroom more than its recommended dosage.

What is the correct dose of Golden Teacher?

Generally, for beginners, it is highly recommended to microdose. Since GT mushrooms are mild, it is recommended for newbies to use between 0.25 – 2 grams of dried mushroom.

If you try to self-dose and consume above what is recommended, you’ll experience heroic to intense psychedelic effects. So, to be on the safe side, use what is advised.

Is it legal to buy and consume Golden Teacher magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms, in general, are Schedule 1 under the Controlled Substance Act in several countries or states. So, before you consider buying and consuming magic mushrooms, check your local or state law regarding growing, purchasing, and consuming magic mushrooms to avoid future problems.

Where can you buy the Golden Teacher shroom?

If your country or state allows you to buy and consume GT shrooms, buy the product from trusted and licensed distributors or resellers.