Knowing The TOTO S350e Better:

You deserve the best comfort and luxury in your life and for that, your toilet must have the installations that are good enough to pamper you’re the time you are out there. Does it sound weird; even if it does I promise it won’t for long when I take you through an awesome product for your bathroom. Have you ever heard of the TOTO Washlet S3503 bidet toilet seat? If not then just take a look at a review of the Washlet S350e from TOTO and I can say that the comfort and health freak in you will not let you lose any more time before you see the S350e in your bathroom.


This product is going strong in the market and certainly, the good sales figures are a result of some unbeatable feature it offers to the user. Let’s see what this product has to offer;

1. Warm water: This toilet seat can ensure an unlimited supply of warm water for your use. Nothing can be more pleasant in winter days then the experience of having warm water available to clean your posterior and other body parts. Also, warm water is hygienic than normal water, hence an automatic protection for your health is also there.

2. Wide range: The self-adjusting nozzle with its tremendous reach ensures proper cleaning both your front and rear with ultimate ease. The feature of extra spread spray helps in cleaning a wider area as well.

3. Dryer: The automatic drying feature of the seat cover ensures perfectly dry posterior and other areas when you get off the toilet seat. This helps your crotch area remain healthy and infection free. Also, the pleasure of having dry crotch area in the winter is simply unmatched.

4. Remote control: The toilet seat is remote controlled and is fitted with the mechanism that opens and closes the toilet seat automatically without the user touching it. So you are saved off from the unpleasant experience of opening and closing the lead by yourself.

5. Program feature: The remote control offers the option to program the toilet seat according to user preferences. So when a user re-enters the toilet to use it, he does not need to go through the drill again to set his preferred settings. The remote can program settings for two users at the same time. Is not it a wonderful feature to have?

6. Ease of access: In case the remote control is missed or it fails to work which is a remote possibility, in such case the toilet seat also has control buttons to operate it. The basic usage can be availed by using the buttons on the seat. Also, there is a LED indicator light to spot the toilet in the dark.

7. Display: The seat at its top has the display that lets the user know the power, seat position and can check if the seat is in power saving mode or not.

The combinations of all these features make this a wonderful product to have in any bathroom for sure.