Laundry Mistakes You Should Avoid

2If you are having a hard time doing the laundry or if you think washing the clothes is the most difficult task in the house, then you are probably doing it wrong. Laundry is actually easy if you only avoid these mistakes.

Mistake 1: Not having the right equipment and supplies to properly wash the clothes.

There are a number of things that you need to have aside from the usual clothes detergent and the washing machine you use. You would also need bleach to help remove stains, several hampers to help segregate clothes, fabric softener, mesh bags for your socks and lingerie, spray bottles and even a good laundry stand for where you would be hanging your clothes to dry more after washing. (Check this Kumaka laundry stand review to know more about laundry racks).

Mistake 2: Not separating the clothes by color and fabric.

If you see a color stain on your white shirt after washing that wasn’t there before you put it in the washer, you probably have mixed up all the colors in one load. This is a big no-no in doing the laundry. Wash the whites separately from the other colored clothing. Also, you would need to check the fabric and see what kind of washing it needs according to the instructions on the tag. You cannot put a silk blouse and your jeans together in one load as they need different temperature and mode of washing.

Mistake 3: Putting ‘dry-clean only’ clothes in the washer

Another importance of checking the tag of the clothes is to know if they can be washed in the washing machine. Dry-clean clothes are not appropriate for washing in the machine. There is a special way of cleaning those types of clothes that do not require any water; thus, dry clean. Leathers have to be brought to the dry cleaners while thin materials like silks can be hand washed.

Mistake 4: Rubbing or scrubbing stains with hard brush

The material of your clothes can wear easily if you use a hard brush to take off the stain on it. Rubbing it could also cause the stain to spread even more and it would then be harder to remove. For stains, it is still best to get rid of it as soon as possible, even if it’s not the time to do the laundry. Also, use some stain removers like bleach or baking soda to soften the dirt and make it easier for you to wash it off.

Mistake 5: Not cleaning the washing machine.

Dirt from your uncleaned washing machine could be transferred to the clothes that you are washing. To avoid this, you would need to give your washing machine a thorough cleaning regularly. Make sure that it is clean before putting in your laundry. Empty the filter for every cycle or washing, too. The lint that accumulates in the filter could cause the washer to clog and could seriously damage your machine. If you have a separate dryer, you would need to give that a regular cleaning as well.