LED Headlights: Are these Worth It?

Headlights are a necessary component of a vehicle and should be in top working condition at all times. However, there are moments that your headlights would stop working due to various reasons, including a burned-out bulb. Why not try LED headlights?

LED headlight bulbs work completely different from halogen bulbs; while the latter have a filament, the former is made from a heavily doped semiconductor material, which has more advantages than halogen bulbs. Here are a few reasons why LED headlights are worth it:

#1 Efficient

LED technology is one of the promising new advancements today – it is highly cost and energy-efficient lighting technology, as well as, practical to use. Using an LED technology for your headlights is an innovative decision you’ll make.

Since LED headlights use semiconductors to generate light, there is less heat that is being produced, which is energy efficient compared to halogen bulbs. Additionally, since most LEDs are designed to have 15,000 – 20,000 hours lifespan, it is cost-efficient than replacing your headlights with halogen bulbs that would only last for 2-3 months. So, even if LED headlights are a little bit expensive than halogen headlights, but it will require you less to replace the former than the latter now and then, investing in LED lights is indeed cost-effective.

#2 Longer lifespan

As mentioned, LED headlights have a longer lifespan than halogen headlights. Even with continuous use, LED lights can still keep-up up to 11 – 22 years of operation before you can replace them.

#3 Improved night

Most of the LED headlights have powerful luminosity with approximately 18000 lumens in high and low beams, so it can produce pure white light output than halogen bulbs. For this reason, it can improve your night visibility on the road, which has a powerful impact on road safety.

Additionally, if you want to extend your safety on the road during nighttime, you can install LED brake lights. LED lights do not require much time for full brightness, the car behind you can quickly notice you are about to stop and potential collision can be avoided.

#4 It is easy to install

Modern LED headlights are easy to install with their ‘direct plug-in’ replacement kit. So, you do not need a mechanic just to have your new headlights installed. However, you should keep in mind that LED replacement can happen if your car comes with LED headlight standards; if not, you can convert the headlight kit that allows you to use LED headlight. Try to check on how to replace your current headlight with a new LED headlight.

#5 It is practical

Other than being stylish, using LED headlights is practical. You do not need to replace your headlights now and then nor need to replace other parts of the headlight just to make it work. It is a ‘plug-in’ process when your car has LED headlight standards.

So, is replacing your current headlight with LEDs is worth-it?

If you would compare an LED headlight with a halogen headlight, you’ll find a lot more reason to replace your headlight with an LED. So, yes; LED headlight is worth-it.