Reasons Why it is Important to Choose the Right Stereo Tube Amplifier

Using the right tube amplifier sounds better because you are using the right euphonic distortions, which adds flavor to your music.

There are subtle music effects that only musicians and dedicated music lovers can identify. And to make it audible to other listeners, using a stereo tube amplifier is the right choice. But aren’t there several types of tube amps?

Yes; there are.

Each of the stereo tube amps has specific euphonic distortions; try to see this list of some of the different popular types of amps to understand.

  • 6J1 – Has a clear and fluid tone; it produces a less powerful sound.
  • 6J5 – Considered as the smallest type of tubes but a great option for gritty loud sounds.
  • 6L6 – Known as “high headroom” tubes, which can produce loud sound before distortion.
  • 6V6 – Produces “break up” type of distortion, which is popular for lead guitarists that play single high notes.
  • EL34 – A classic “British tube” and powerful as 6L6.
  • EL84 – A popular amps because it readily distorts when its volume is pushed, creating a creamy saturation.

As you can see, using the right stereo tube amps will allow you to bring flavor to your music; and in very broad generalization, here are the top reasons why you need to choose the right stereo tube, amplifier model:

Reason #1: Even-order harmonic distortions

Tube amplifiers have second-order distortions other than solid-state. Second-order is quite musical, which is why it is called “harmonic” distortions. The second-order presents even-order harmonics, which produces natural and pleasing music even at higher levels.

An amp with the right even-order harmonic distortions for the kind of music you are playing will provide you an in-sync sound.

Reason #2: The right progressive distortion

Although all of the stereo tube amps are designed to produce the kind of progressive distortion, each tube amps has its own pace; while others can quickly change the loudness of the sound, some amps have different pacing.

Reason #3: Sound Levels

Every tube amps have different sound levels; depending on the power ratings. For instance, for normal-sounding music, amps with 10 – 30 watts are ideal. If you are going to play at a small-sized venue, tube amps with 50-watt for power rating is highly recommended. However, if it is a large-sized venue, you need 100-watt amps.

You can’t crank a 50-watt stereo tube amplifier at a concert-sized venue; it’s not going to work. So, when purchasing an amp, check the power ratings.

Reason #4: Contrasting to solid-state

Tube amplifiers have soft clippings; this very definite point provides a contrast to solid-state, which gives the right flavor to the music.

Reason #5: To have less negative feedback

Not all feedbacks are bad; there are just sloppy ones. These negative feedbacks are produced when you are using the wrong type of tube amplifier or not using it at all. Also, tube amplifiers help to cover up negative feedbacks or basic flaws.

Final Thoughts

So, is it worth it to purchase the right stereo tube amplifier? Yes; it is.

Right stereo tube amplifiers produce better sound to the kind of music you are playing and that your listener will be able to appreciate even those subtle and magical sounds.