Rules to Staying Fit

2Many of you might have tried various strategies and plans to lose weight, gain muscles, and even be stronger. However, the most difficult of all is not getting shedding those pounds nor adding weight, it’s actually keeping a fit body. People struggle at that the most. They might have surpassed the diet stages and the exercises to attain the weight they want, but staying that way is where the real challenge starts. In case you are one of those many who are having a difficult time keeping your desired physique, here are the rules that you have to always keep in mind.

1st Rule: Make fitness a part of your daily life.

Once you have reached the body that you want, make it a habit to maintain it. Make a daily or weekly plan for your food intake and workouts. There are many cases where people eat even more than normal after they have accomplished a certain weight. And some would start slacking off after they see that they look better than before. These people go back to their original bodies after only a month or two, wasting all what they’ve worked hard for longer than that.

2nd Rule: Have a firm mind-set.

Just like when you were starting out to trim down or increase your body mass, you should have a clear determination on what you want your body to be. It could be really hard to control yourself at first, most especially if you have already achieved a specific goal. But, the mind is the most powerful tool that would keep you striving for the best in yourself.

3rd Rule: Always think of your health.

Fitness is part of being healthy. If you consider your health, first and foremost, you would be taking care of your fitness as well. Plan your diet based on your nutritional needs. Strategize your workouts depending on your physical ability. It’s not about losing weight or gaining muscles anymore; it’s about staying healthy and having a well-toned physique. Stay away from bad habits and stick to your healthy ones.

4th Rule: Make it interesting and fun.

There is no way you can go through all that discipline without thinking of giving up when you think of them as unavoidable tasks. Instead of eating the same meal almost every day, you can do some research on how you could create a different dish each time. Instead of going to the gym alone three times a week, try out some sports or some other fun outdoor activities, too. This would break the monotony. You can find many ways on how you could achieve and maintain the Adonis Golden ratio by looking up some tips on the net or get advice from others who have been doing it for a long time. If you are not familiar with this ratio, you can find out what exactly the Adonis Golden Ratio is here.

5th Rule: Influence others.

Treading any path on your own can be tiring and somewhat tedious. It would be better to have some people with you to give you more motivation. Also, it is ideal to pull others with you into being healthy. You can influence your family, friends and others around you.