Seven Reasons Why You Need to Add Skin Toner to Your Skincare Routine

Toners are primary and essential skincare products. Below are the benefits of skin toners you shouldn’t miss on.

Most don’t think much of including toners in their skincare routine.

As long as they were able to pin down all the basic steps from facial cleansing, moisturizing, and applying a cream, most won’t bother applying skin toner.

Skin toners are often neglected. Many people don’t know if they should use one, while some are clueless about how to use it. For non-toner users, this product goes after facial cleansing and before moisturizing. Now, you are probably wondering why you need to add this product to your skincare routine. Learn more about the benefits of skin toners below.

#1 Restores and Balances Skin’s pH Level

The skin is naturally acidic, where its natural acidity ranges from 5 to 6, on a scale of 0 to 14 pH level.

Washing the face with soap reduces the pH level since soap is alkaline. Low pH level on the skin causes it to get dry. Meanwhile, an acidic skin is prone to acne and other facial issues. Balancing the face’s pH level reduces the chances of skin problems.

When you apply skin toner, it restores and lowers the face’s pH level to 5.5, which is the correct pH level for the skin.

#2 Shrinks Large Pores

Skin toner corrects pore size. It shrinks large pores, thereby reducing excessive oil production. Additionally, it makes the skin smoother and youthful-looking due to finer and smaller pores.

#3 Doubles as Moisturizer

Most skin toners today contain a moisturizing formula. Thus, toners bind moisture to the skin, hence preventing the skin from getting dry despite exposure to sunlight.

But beware that some toners have an alcohol content that dries up the skin. Make sure to pick one that has a moisturizing label. As much as possible, choose facial toner with organic ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Rosewater, Tea tree oil, and Chamomile.

#4 Additional Skin Protection

Toners are formulated in a way that tightens cell gaps. It prevents impurities from penetrating the skin, thus keeping the face free from dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants.

Applying skin toners after cleansing immediately closes pores.

#5 Declines Oil Production

Skin toners are suitable for individuals with oily skin. It balances sebum production of the skin and stops acne-growth.

However, take note that some facial toners have high alcohol content. Don’t choose toners with such formulation. Pick ones that contain organic ingredients and alcohol-free.

You can check this out to know the best toner for oily skin.

#6 Corrects Skin Tone

Toners also correct facial pigmentation. It reduces dark spots and evens out skin tone. It stops blemishes and blackheads from developing.

#7 Supports Radiant and Youthful Skin

Exposure to contaminants is the primary reason behind premature skin aging. By using skin toner, you can prevent skin damages caused by impurities. This facial product supports healthy and youthful skin by preventing impurities from assaulting your skin.

Recent toner formulations include antioxidants. Toners with this content offer far more benefits to the skin. Antioxidants are anti-aging compounds. It prevents premature aging due to free radicals. Moreover, it reduces your chances of having skin problems.