Smoke Detector Cameras: Everything You Need to Know

Installing hidden cameras to add security for your business or your home becomes a necessity, especially when you live in a tough neighborhood. But did you know that you can do way better than that? Smoke detector camera is now taking a good spot in the world of security cameras; this is because it is inconspicuous and unexpected.

A smoke detector camera is designed to look like ordinary smoke detectors, where most people won’t be suspicious about a hidden camera inside the smoke detector.

What is a smoke detector camera?

In most cases, smoke detector cameras in the market are not functioning as smoke detectors, but strictly as a camera; even though it can be in that form. Usually, this type of hidden camera uses the hollow shell of the smoke detector and coverts the camera inside. So, if you own a store or have an untrustworthy neighbor who does creepy things near your yard, installing smoke detector cameras are a subtle, but clever way to heighten the security of your business or your home.

Here are a few benefits of installing smoke detector camera:

  • Ceiling-mounted smoke detector cameras are inconspicuous; so, surveying the area without alarming the wrongdoers makes it easy to capture evidence against them.
  • It offers a wide range of view of the entire room, similar to CCTVs but smoke detector cameras are undetectable.
  • Since smoke detector cameras are unnoticeable, disabling the security cameras or stealing them is not easy.
  • Ceiling-mounted smoke detector cameras are less likely to be discovered.

What makes smoke detector camera at a greater advantage than the other types of security cameras?

Most of the smoke detector cameras that you find in the market today are built with the following innovative features:

  • Designed with video quality of HD 1080P and degree lens view
  • Comes with remote viewing and control capabilities.
  • Designed with camera activation – a camera feature that activates after motion trigger, which saves you unnecessary recordings.
  • Designed with night vision.
  • Designed with accessible and easily retrievable information in its memory storage.
  • Also viewable through a smartphone, via its WiFi capability.
  • Designed with audio-capturing capability, which is acceptable by the USA Federal Laws.

Safety Note

If you are planning to install a smoke detector camera, you should not eliminate the actual smoke detector from your security system. Replacing the actual smoke detector with the mimicking camera is not only unsafe but also illegal in some states – strict compliance for building code, especially in commercial areas.

How to Install Smoke Detector Cameras without getting any Suspicions?

Simple, position the smoke detector camera in the middle of the store and not located near the actual smoke detector. There are professional smoke detector camera installers that can assist you in installing the cameras in the right position inside your business area or even at your home.

Also, take note not to use the cameras for bad intentions because it is illegal and punishable by the law.

What are the top smoke detector cameras in the market today?

Here are the best smoke detector cameras this year:

  • PalmVID DVR PRO Smoke Detector Spy Camera with Adjustable View
  • PalmVID WiFi Smoke Detector Camera with Live Video Viewing
  • FUVISION Motion Activated Camera for Home Security
  • Littleadd Hidden Smoke Detector 1080P HD Spy Camera
  • MEAUOTOU WiFi Smoke Detector HD 1080P
  • Toughsty 16GB 1080P HD Home Security Camera
  • WiFi Spy Camera Detector, DigiHero HD 1080P