The Truth Behind Nebula: Top Facts That Every MCU Fan Should Know

Nebula’s story was one of the best redemption arcs in the MCU. Who is Nebula anyway? And why was she trying hard for Thanos’ favor? Find it all in here.

Who is Nebula?

Thanos adopted Nebula, the surviving member, after killing a family of Luphomoids. And then, Thanos raised and trained her as an assassin. Luphomoids are humanoid beings and are distinctive because of their blue and lilac skin color. Also, they are hairless, have black sclera, and have a human-like appearance.

Growing up under Thanos, she’ll be trained as a merciless warrior. She would spar with Gamora to test their strengths. And every time Nebula lost against Gamora, Thanos would upgrade her to become Gamora’s equal. For this reason, Nebula grew up resenting Gamora; for every loss, she would experience Thanos’ torture to make her stronger. Despite the growing bitterness against Gamora, she formed a genuine bond with Gamora, which is one of the reasons she was torn between staying loyal to Thanos and betraying him to join Gamora.

Nebula as a Warrior

Nebula, as the right-hand woman of Ronan the Accuser, went every mission merciless. She is strong and highly skilled in military strategy, leadership, space warfare, and astronavigation. Also, she is good at operating advanced technology. There are several facts about Nebula that every MCU fan should know.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bionic Arm and Bionic Eye

Nebula underwent Dr. Mandibus’ cybernetic enhancement. She received a robotic left arm with a considerable offense that can project potent energy in the palm. Her bionic eye was augmented with an accelerated probability generator.

  • Superhuman strength

With a Marvel Power grid rating of 4, Nebula can lift anything between 800 lbs to 25 tons.

  • Superhuman durability

As a humanoid who is trained as a warrior, Nebula possesses superhuman durability with her muscular tissue stronger than humans.

  • Self-sustenance

Nebula was imprisoned in Titan with the worst criminals of the galaxy and was able to live through it until Geatar, her underling, released her and took her to Dr. Mandibus for cybernetic and bionic implants. One of the upgrades was the capacity to survive in deep space without the need for a spacesuit.

  • Cybernetic enhancement

After acquiring cybernetic enhancement, Nebula possesses a god-like power, which allows her to beat divine and god-like entities with ease, like the Asgardians of the Galaxy.

Nebula as a Sister

Although Nebula hated Thanos’ other adopted children, she came genuinely close with Gamora despite resenting her. And even though they are opposites, they share an important bond – to execute their adoptive father, Thanos.

After freeing themselves from the clutches of Thanos, both find purpose and serve together in all-female warriors, The Graces. They both fought together to fend off threats such as the Annihilation Wave caused by Thanos.

The truth is, even though Thanos made them hate each other, Nebula and Gamora are genuinely drawn to each other as sisters.

Nebula and the Redemption Arc

One of the best redemption arcs in MCU was the story of Nebula. She was doing her best to become his adoptive father’s favorite to beat Gamora, who then receives favor from their father. However, later throughout the progress of the story, Nebula found her worth outside Thanos’ clutches with the help of Gamora. Later, she helped the Avengers fight against Thanos to redeem herself and avenge Gamora, who became Thanos’ sacrifice for the Soul Stone.