Top Essential Things to Consider When Purchasing Guitar Effects Pedals

There is a whole new level in guitar, amp, and guitar pedals.

Guitar effects pedals can change the dynamics and volume of guitar signal or tone. It shapes the sound of the overall guitar setup.

Are you planning to purchase a couple of guitar pedals, but it’s your first time to do so? Well, for a beginner, it’ll be a tough job and can be outright confusing too; unless, you seriously try to learn the basics of the guitar effects pedals, which is also found at this website

First, you need to remember these following points:

You need to make sure that the guitar pedals are placed in order. Although there is no right way on how to arrange the pedals, still, you can’t randomly place the pedals just anywhere within the pedal box or it may affect the overall tone performance. Typically, the pedals are arranged as follows:

  • Guitar
  • Gain staging effects pedals
  • Frequency pedals
  • Modulation pedals
  • Time pedals
  • Amp (amplifier)
  • Make sure to use the right power source of the pedal for smooth signal flow.
  • Learn how to use the guitar pedals according to their effects.

When buying guitar pedals, you have to consider these following factors:

#1: Know your music

There are quite a lot of guitar pedals and each one is played according to a particular music genre. So, it is fairly reasonable to purchase a set of guitar pedals according to the music you are really into. For instance;

  • Distortion and overdrive are huge influences to rock music; also, you need to complete the set with delay, reverb, flanger/phaser, compression, chorus, and more.
  • For country music, you’ll need a smoother and cleaner punch of tone; for that reason, the best choices are compression, overdrive, and reverb.
  • Pop music needs a poppy tune, which can be performed using compression, chorus, digital and analog delay, distortion or fuzz, overdrive, reverb, and wah.

There are more things to discover when you are using guitar pedals; in fact, you can make your signature tune.

#2: Choose two effects in one pedal

There are pedals the produces similar tone; instead of buying two pedals, you may look for a pedal with knobs that will allow you to go with another effect. For instance, there are overdrive pedals that will allow you to adjust the knob to produce distortion effects.

#3: Portability

Imagine a pedalboard with 10 and more heavy rectangular-shaped guitar pedals that you need to bring every time you have a show? It is quite a struggle, right? However, it is unavoidable that there are guitar pedals that are constructed with a noticeable weight. So, what you need to do is find guitar pedals that can be adjusted to produce another effect or try to look for quality brands with their pedals that are easy to carry.

#4: Positive brand review

With so many options today, choosing between brands of guitar pedals is quite confusing. However, that can be resolved by finding out which brand has more positive reviews. Also, you may read additional details on Digi Pedal’s website today.