Useful Tips on How to Maintain Your Wine Cooler

Did you recently discover that you love wine, so you cannot call yourself a connoisseur yet? Are you still learning and could use a helping hand and some tips and tricks on how to improve your wine drinking experiences? There is no better place than the official Filled With Wine website to learn useful things about wine and how to better enjoy it. Here are some things that you can do to make sure that you properly maintain your favorite wine bottles. An experienced wine lover can easily tell the difference between a good bottle and a bottle that has gone bad so maintaining the wine in proper conditions is important. Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that you will always enjoy your wine in perfect conditions.

1. Make sure that you have enough space for ventilation and ambient temperature. Some built-in coolers are marketed as ‘’zero clearance’’ but the truth is that this figure is not necessarily correct. Some models might actually require another 2 or 3 inches of clearance in order to provide proper ventilation.

2. Use your wine fridge at its correct capacity. A lot of people overload their wine fridge, which results in improper cooling down. Overcrowding leads to hot spots across the unit, so make sure that you correctly understand your fridge’s capacity before you use it.

3. Sunlight. In case your wine fridge is located in proximity to direct sunlight then you are not going to obtain proper cooling down. This is because wine is sensitive to heat, as well as to UV rays.

4. Check out for mold and mildew. Yes, it is true that wine cellars are especially designed to have some humidity inside in order to keep the cork moist but humidity also leads to mold. Mold doesn’t affect the wine quality but this doesn’t mean that you should ignore it and do nothing to prevent it. All that you have to do is to wipe the fridge off by using a cloth or a towel and maintain a humidity level between 50 and 80.

5. Filtration. Some wine fridges have a built-in filtration system that works as odor buffer. If the odor is not removed from the fridge, it permeates and cork and penetrates the wine, thus changing its taste and aroma. Yes, wine fridges with built-in filtration systems are more expensive compared to simple fridges but they are worth every single extra penny.

As you can see, there are a few easy rules to respect and a few easy things to do to make sure that your wine fridge properly maintains your wines. It might seem to be a bit difficult in the beginning but once you get used to a routine, it becomes really simple. If you want to fully enjoy your wines at any time of the night or the day then you have to follow the guidelines above. These are created by domain specialists who have a lot of experience in the field.