Video Doorbell: How Do They Work?

Have you recently bought a video doorbell? Find out how it works and how you can benefit from it.

Over the years, home security technology massively progressed. Today, you can find a wide variety of smart home security devices, all aiming to provide the best security and protection possible to every household.

One of the most popular home security devices nowadays is a video doorbell. Many households and even establishments utilize this technology to heighten security measures.  For sure, it was your aim for why you decided to buy a video doorbell. But do you know how does it work?

#1 Works Similar to Standard Doorbell

The purpose of a video doorbell is parallel to the standard doorbells you know. It chimes when pressed to signal the household of an incoming guest. However, a video doorbell is a more advanced version of the normal doorbell you used to have in your home.

#2 Equipped with Camera

As the name suggests, a video doorbell automatically records video once the button is pressed. It is equipped with a camera that shows a live video feed. People inside the house will immediately know the person outside through the footage.  You can monitor the doorbell camera on your smartphone via Wi-Fi connection.

Since the device features a built-in camera, it’ll be easier for the house owner to identify the person. Additionally, it prevents the chances of unwanted visitors from intruding on your home.

#3 Records Video through Motion Detectors

Recent and more advanced video doorbell models feature motion detectors. Once the motion detector senses movement, it will immediately start recording video footage. The camera will automatically record without chiming the doorbell. The live feed will likewise display on your smartphone.

Take note that some models don’t have this feature. You can check out The Key Lock Guide to find out the latest video doorbells in the market with advanced technology such as this.

#4 Notification Alerts

Video doorbells work using a smart application, which you can download to your phone. The app will send notifications on your phone via WiFi connection, alerting you that there is someone at the door.

The notification alerts are convenient. You can receive notifications regardless of your location. Thus, you will know if someone is waiting outside your door wherever you are in your home.

#5 Stores Recorded Video Clips

Video doorbells feature removable storage. It allows you to save recorded video clips and review them later when needed. Of course, the device could run out of storage. The good news is most video doorbells today also have cloud storage connectivity.

By connecting to the internet, you can save all the video clips on your video doorbell. Moreover, you won’t have to clean the storage when using the cloud storage system.

#6 Two-Way Talk Functionality

Many video doorbell models have a speaker. The speaker usually has a two-way talk function.  You can hear your visitor from the outside through the speaker and likewise see them on the footage. Also, you can have an active conversation with the person at the door without personally facing them.

This feature is very much useful in today’s time. Furthermore, it heightens your security, privacy, and you don’t have to force yourself in answering the door.