Ways to Secretly Track Incoming Calls

Are you dying to secretly know your partner’s incoming calls? Well, there are ways.

Checking your partner’s phone for incoming and outgoing calls is not an easy task, especially since it can cause misunderstandings, leading to a fight. But if your doubts and suspicions will be put at ease with just a glimpse of your partner’s call logs, why stop snooping?

Here are some ways how to secretly track your partner’s incoming calls:

#1: Install a spy app

Did you know that there are snooping (spy) apps that you can use to monitor someone’s call logs without them knowing?

These spy apps are equipped with tools that can help you monitor calls, messages, and even their locations. All you need to do is install a safe and well-performing spy app. Review apps that fit your needs and make sure it is trustworthy. At Big Snoops, you’ll find well-reviewed spy apps.

And if you can’t decide on which spy app you should choose, here are a few factors to consider when installing one:

  • Compatibility – The app should be compatible with your phone and your target’s phone to ensure syncing.
  • Location Tracking – Helps you track the target’s location. However, make sure to choose an app that can give you real-time data.
  • Call log and SMS tracking – Choose an app that intercepts calls and tracks call logs and messages.
  • Equipped with stealth mode – Choose an app with a stealth mode that gives you the ability to snoop on your target’s phone without them knowing.

#2: Use the calls and messages tracker

Keep track of the calls and messages of your partner through the calls and messages tracker. These trackers can help you secretly monitor all call logs and messages.

To see the records, you need to launch the application. Then, sync your phone and your target’s phone. Most apps have similarities when it comes to technical procedures. So, if you see view call logs and messages, you may start snooping.

#3: Install free monitoring software or parental control app

Most well-performing trackers or spy apps are with paid subscriptions. And if you think it is too much for you, there is a couple of free monitoring software or parental control apps that you can install on your phone and your targets. However, these apps may have limitations when it comes to snooping.

Things to Consider before Snooping

There are several ways to spy on your partner’s phone; one is installing an app. However, before you come up with a decision of installing a spy app, you also need to consider a few things, including the following:

  • The laws in your state regarding spy apps – Make sure to check your local or state law about these snooping apps before installing one. Generally, these apps are forbidden and punishable by the law since it violates the Privacy Act.
  • Paid subscription – Most of the well-performing spy apps are with a paid subscription to enjoy several snooping privileges. Are you willing to pay more?
  • Conscience – If you are uncomfortable using the app, it is best not to install it at all. This is to avoid getting caught and being the cause of the fight.