What are the Advantages of Having a Pet Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are cute pets that can be found in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Some people prefer to call these adorable creatures “hedgies.” This animal got its name in the late 15th century because their homes can be found on hedgerows. The “hog” was added because when you see a hedgehog, you can notice that its snout is similar to a pig’s.

Most hedgehogs have brown-colored spines and pale tips. However, the hedgies in the United Kingdom, specifically on Alderney island, are blonde. If you owned or saw a hedgehog before, maybe you already noticed that it rolls into a ball to defend itself. When this happens, its quills are pushed outward making it look like a porcupine.

If this is your first time to have a hedgehog as a pet, here are the advantages that you should look forward to:

1. Hedgies are quiet pets

Have you ever had hamsters or guinea pigs before? If yes, then you are surely aware of how those two creatures can create a loud noise especially if they sense that you are preparing a treat for them. With hedgies, you do not worry about the noise because they handle situations like that in a different manner. You might hear them purr when they are asking for something but it is not too loud.

Hedgehogs are the perfect choice for renters. It is recommended especially if you live in a building with thin walls.

2. Hedgies don’t need much attention

Hedgehogs are independent and do not need constant attention, unlike dogs and cats. With this pet, you can only spend a few minutes with them and they would not hate you. If you want to tame your pet hedgehog, you should spend time with them for at least 60 minutes. That does not mean that you need to be in constant physical contact with them because some hedgies are content with just having you in the same room as them.

3. Hedgies are low maintenance

Hedgehogs do not need to go for a walk so that would surely save you time especially if you are a busy person. Moreover, you do not need to build outdoor facilities like a scratch post to keep your hedgie physically and mentally healthy.

You can provide an exercise wheel to your pet and it will surely be more than happy. An exercise wheel is enough to maintain your hedgie’s health.

4. Hedgies are interactive all-day

One thing that you can notice about hedgehogs is they have an unusual set of hours. They nap at different times of the day and do different activities between those naps. If you have an alternative shift at work, it means that you can interact with your hedgie whenever you are staying at home.

It is recommended that you place your enclosure in another area other than your bedroom because the hedgie’s night activities might keep you away.

5. Hedgies have quills that won’t hurt you

Their quills might look like porcupine quills but they are not as sharp. However, if you have a baby hedgie, it is advised that you take extra caution in handling it because baby hedgies have sharper quills than adult ones.

Once you decide that you will have a hedgehog as a pet, it is time to find out what’s the best hedgehog cage. Make sure to consider several factors in picking a cage for your pet.