What You Need When You Have a Kitten

Munchkin pets

If you decide to bring home a kitten to complete the family or just to give you company, you would need to be ready for a few things. Here’s a list of the things you would need to have when you have a kitten at home.

Litter Box

The good thing about cats is that they do their business in a certain area every time. Unlike dogs, they do not pee or even poop in different areas of the house. You would only need to provide a litter box for your kitten to make sure it does not soil your precious carpet or your expensive flooring. There are different kinds of litter boxes though. You might need to choose one that your cat is most comfortable in – or else you would still be seeing some of their dirt on your floor.

Scratching Post

There are a number of reasons why cats scratch. They scratch to mark territory, to remove a dead layer from their claws and to stretch. You would not see a single cat who doesn’t scratch its claws on something. To avoid your kitten from scratching your furniture or other parts of the house, choose a scratching post that is taller than your cat and it should be vertical.


Where would you put your kitten’s food and water if not in bowls? You wouldn’t want it to eat on the table, would you? Provide separate clean bowls of water and food. You could also choose to buy a water fountain to make sure the water you give your cat is cleaner as the flowing water reduces the growth and spread of bacteria. You could check out these quality reviews of pet fountains and feeders to see your options.


Your kitten would not want to sleep on your hard floor. If you do not get it a comfortable bed to sleep in, you would find it next to you on your bed or on the sofa. Get it a soft and warm bed so your kitten could sleep like you do.


Playtime is an important part of a kitten’s daily life. It helps them exercise, improves their skills and makes them happy. In order for your cat to enjoy this time even more, get it some really fun toys to play with. They don’t have to be expensive. You can even make a toy wand on your own. You can just tie a string on a stick or rod and put a feather or some other eye-catching item at the other end of it. You can have small balls for your cat to toss and play with when you are not around, too.


Just because you are not going to take your kitten out for walks, doesn’t mean you would not get it a collar. A collar is still advised even for those indoor cats. The collar should include identification and a number to call in case it gets lost. It should also have a breakaway feature for when it gets stuck onto something.