Why It May Be Better to Get an Electronic Drum Set

4The dilemma of whether to buy an electronic drum kit or an acoustic one is not really a battle between good and evil. It’s more like choosing a more appropriate tool for the right task or in the case of an instrument as loud as a drum, the appropriate setting. Just like all of those cop-out answers where the conclusion between comparisons always end up as “it depends”, this is typically also the same answer one would expect from write-ups and videos regarding comparisons of e-drums and acoustic drums. However, more and more people are having a more obvious preference on electronic drums over acoustic. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why electronic drum kits are steadily rising in popularity.

  1. Stay friends with neighbors.

Practicing the drums (whether as a professional or as an absolute beginner), typically stretches into the early morning hours. Interestingly, it doesn’t feel like a chore to do so at all. It’s fun. But most neighbors would say otherwise. People who have next door neighbors can attest to the infuriating feeling of having a drummer next door. Regardless of how amazing the drum skills are. Some people just want to get their shut-eye to function properly for the next working day ahead. Unfortunately, even in suburban communities, drums are still considered loud. Well, here are electronic drums to the rescue. More than turning the volume down, electronic drum kits also have an audio jack for headphones.

  1. Smaller space occupied.

On a technical level, both types of drum sets occupy the same floor area. However, the fact that electronic drum kits use less space in a three-dimensional context has its advantages. Its slim profile provides visual breathing space. You can spend all day arguing about measurements, but it’s hard to deny that a room with mirrors as walls look and feel more spacious.

  1. Beat presets.

One of the key advantages of electronic drum kits over their acoustic counterparts is the capability to play preset beats. Not to trick neighbors into thinking it’s the drum owner playing, but to help the drummer get the feel of different beats and grooves. Some musicians may consider these beat presets as crutches. But hey, if those crutches can make you walk faster, use them. In addition to presets, electronic drum kits also have the advantage of its sound being adjustable to some degree.

  1. Almost the real deal in rebound and sound.

The biggest selling point of acoustic guitars is its pure sound. Recently, this doesn’t really seem to be the case. If you read everything you ever wanted to know about e-drums on a informative electronic drum kit site, eventually, there will be comparisons on the sound that these two make and their distinctions. However, in recent years, this distinction between their sounds seems to have become non-existent. Manufacturers, it seems, have done their job well in emulating the right sound. Not only that, but they’ve also created amazing electronic drum surfaces that feels the same as an acoustic drum membrane’s rebound. For most people, the choice is rather easy – electronic drum kits provide significantly more advantages than acoustic.