A Guide for New UTV Owners: How UTV Tires Differ from Each Other

ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle) or UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicle) are unique types of vehicle; it can be attached with a snowplow when you need to remove the snow at your driveway or garden, it can be used to carry loads of animal food, it can also be used as a utility vehicle in your farm, and other mobile tasks that other regular vehicles can’t handle, especially when on difficult, rocky, and muddy terrain.

But did you know that UTVs/ATVs have different tires for specific terrain?

If you are a new owner of this unique vehicle, you should also understand that the best UTV tires come in different styles too.

  • All-Terrain tires

All-terrain tires are the most popular tires for UTVs and ATVs; these are designed to perform on all types of terrain – muddy, dessert, snowy, rough, and rocky terrain. All-terrain tires vary in tread patterns, but the depth of the tread is all similarly in moderate deep. However, even though these tires can be used on all types of terrain, they can’t perform excellently just everywhere, unlike the UTV tires with specific designs for specific terrain. Nonetheless, these tires will still perform efficiently in a different environment.

  • Mud tires

The mud tire’s use is self-explanatory; these are designed for terrains that are sloppy, wet, and muddy. The tread on these tires is aggressively designed with large lugs and has wide spaces between the lugs for better grip and traction. These large and well-separated lugs can plow through muddy terrain, even the tough ones.

Additionally, these types of tires are self-cleaning; thanks to its directional lug design that allows the tire to spin off the mud, gravel, and dirt.

However, there is a flip side; while the mud tires work excellently on muddy and tough terrain the mud tire doesn’t do well on hard and rocky terrain.

  • Sand tire

Sand tires are designed with a shaped tread that looks like a paddle; this design will help scoop the sand, allowing the entire vehicle to move smoothly on rough sandy terrain.

The front tires for UTV, if used on soft and sandy terrain, have limited tread patterns; most of the time, these frontal tires can look bare. Also, sand tires are often built-in 2-ply rating; this means, it can’t be used on any type of terrain, except for sandy soft terrain.

  • Rocky and hard terrain tires

If you have purchased an ATV/UTV for mountaineering or have a rocky expedition, you should choose UTV/ATV in rocky and hard terrain tires. Most of these tires are designed with a tighter tread pattern and deep angled grooves; these features provide better traction and grip, which also allows you to climb rocky small hills with ease.

  • Snow tires

Snow tires are specialized tires with deep tread patterns that effectively grip on the snow. Also, for better traction on snowy terrain, most of its riders would add chains, which effectively grips on the snow at a slower pace.

  • Racing tires

ATVs/UTVs can be used for racing too; however, your side by side should be equipped with the right tire – the racing tires. Racing tires are designed with knob-type pattern and are exceptionally lightweight despite its intimidating features. These tires are designed with extra patterns for extra traction.

So, before you purchase just any tire for your newly owned ATV/UTV, make sure to purchase the right tire.

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