A Review on the Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

2With the advancement of technology and the growing needs of consumers, most companies have started upgrading and adding different versions of their own products. Vacuum cleaners are no exemptions. Nowadays, people can already buy and use different kinds that may or may not need their specific needs.

With that in regard, according to some reputable in-depth vacuum reviews & advice, people should always learn more about each type. Through that, they will identify which type works best for their cleaning needs and wants. Generally, people will choose between an electrically operated and a battery-run machine, which can differentiate the two types with regards to portability and power level. However, people should also take a look at the product’s type based on their construction and design.

The canister vacuum cleaners, as the name implies, are products that come with the machine and a separate canister. As can be denoted, they are bulky and have a hose connection that will make the product hard to store. Some individuals may also find a canister vacuum cleaner and hard to use because of the parts. Nevertheless, they are lightweight, quiet, and convenient to use on stairs, bare floors, upholstery, under furniture, drapes, and carpets.

Upright vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, are more affordable and easier to store than the first type because of the absence of the canister. In general, they come with wide cleaning swaths that lessen the cleaning time. They are also recommended for individuals who need to clean their carpets in a deep manner. However, this type is heavier and noisier than the canister type. Thus, people may find it hard to pull and push upright vacuum cleaners.

Another type of is the so-called stick vacuum cleaner. With a tall height and handle, it somewhat looks like upright vacuum cleaners but with a thinner body and smaller cleaning swath. Surprisingly, even with its lightweight and medium-sized cleaning bottom, this type is able to clean in a quick manner. However, stick vacuum cleaners are also somewhat a little noisier and can only clean surfaces. Hence, they are not recommended for carpets. Individuals may also need to empty the dustbin since it only has a small capacity.

For individuals who want a vacuum cleaner that will work on their properties and vehicles should opt for the handheld vacuum cleaners. As the name implies, they are products that do not need any pulling and pushing since the user’s hands will be responsible for moving the product. Of course, they are also lighter and faster to use. However, because of their small size, they have lower power capacities and can only do so much like cleaning bare floors and visible items scattered on carpets.

Individuals who are into convenience and do not want a single sweat to drip when vacuuming will be happy to have a robotic vacuum cleaner. It is a product that can automatically clean the floor or controlled by a remote control. Although it is more functional in clutter-free areas, some models already have a technology wherein the product can turn on its own when a blockage is detected. However, people should not expect that this will provide a similar level of cleanliness as the other types.