A Smart Guide on How to Shop for Solar Flood Lights

LED outdoor solar lights have become a common addition for outdoor illumination in households and establishments. Indeed, this type of lighting system is more energy-efficient compared to standard lighting. Since it utilizes a renewable source of energy, it won’t add more to your current electricity bills.

Moreover, solar outdoor lighting systems offer a sense of security and safety. Likewise, the additional illumination improves visibility and reduces the risk of accidents. These advantages of LED outdoor solar lights are the reasons why many are using this lighting system.

Solar flood lights are unique compared to standard lightings. It has a motion sensor that can detect movement. The light only spills when it senses movement and has a wide range of illumination. With these aspects, solar flood lights utilize energy more efficiently compared to regular lights. And because of the light’s motion sensors, it does not immediately run out of energy.

Solar flood lights share the same qualities, but not all. They also differ in durability, light level, types, and cost. If you are planning to buy such a lighting system, you will need these tips for choosing the best solar flood lights.

#1 Consider the Area of Installation

It is an important aspect to take note of the area where you plan to mount solar floodlights. It will help you determine the ideal type of level of brightness and the durability of light. For example, if you want to use it as illumination for your front gate, driveway, or walkway, you will need one with a higher level of brightness and capable of withholding exposure to weather elements.

#2 Know the Different Types of Solar Flood Lights

There are mainly six categories of solar floodlights. These are the following:

  • Security solar floodlights
  • Landscape solar floodlights
  • Solar flood lights without motion sensors
  • Solar flood lights with external solar panels
  • Solar floodlights with an all-in-one fixture
  • Hybrid solar floodlights

Select a solar flood type that is suitable for the area where you want to install it. With this, you can assure the best performance from the system.

#3 Check Out the Light System’s Lumen 

Lumen refers to the measurement of the total light output a particular light-source generates. Therefore, solar flood light with low lumen means it has lower light output. The ideal lumen for solar flood light is 800 to 1000.

Aside from the lumen, take note of its degree light angle. A higher light angle means a larger range of illumination. For example, if the light has a 180-degree angle beam, it can cover the entire space beneath it. But if it only has a 90-degree angle, the light will only illuminate half of the area.

#4 Choose a Reliable Manufacturer

Numerous manufacturers around the globe sell solar floodlights. With such options, it is best to select one coming from a well-known and trusted name. Examples of the top-seller flood light manufacturers today are here at Solar Guide Light.

Looking for a solar flood light can get challenging for first-time buyers. But with a useful guide, you can assure a good purchase. Thus, if you have questions about outdoor solar lighting system, consult this source.