Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet: Everything You Should Know

Are you considering buying a welding helmet? You should consider the auto-darkening welding helmet. Why? Check it here now.

One of the most popular welding helmets today is the auto-darkening welding helmet, but what exactly is it?

An auto-darkening welding helmet is an advanced type of helmet and is considered a superior choice compared to other passive lens helmets. It is designed with a lens that darkens automatically when the sensors detect light from the welding arc. With an auto-darkening lens, the welders no longer need to nod their heads to lower the helmet during the welding process. 

Here are a few more things about auto-darkening welding helmet that you should know:


  • How do auto-darkening welding helmet works?


The concept of an auto-darkening welding helmet is simple. The welding helmet is designed with an LCD and between 3 and 5 light sensors. The sensors will try to detect the bright welding arc during the welding process and transmits electric charges to the LCD, making it increase the shade on the lens or LCD in just a fraction of seconds. Then, the welder’s eyes are instantly protected from UV and Infrared radiation. Because of the auto-darkening helmet, the welder no longer needs to risk itself to adjust the helmet. 


  • Is an auto-darkening welding helmet expensive?


Most of the auto-darkening welding helmets are quite costly because of the features. For instance, there are auto-darkening welding helmets that are built with 3 – 6 arc sensors for faster reaction time, controls that give more convenience when welding and a lot more.

So, if you want to have a welding helmet that is efficient and convenient to use, you should consider an auto-darkening welding helmet, despite how costly it can be. However, if you try to check this website you will find a lot of great reviews on well-built auto-darkening welding helmets in the market today that are less expensive.


  • Do all auto-darkening welding helmets have a similar speed for their reaction time?



Not all auto-darkening welding helmets would react similarly at the same speed. The reaction speed may depend on the number of sensors. However, if the helmet meets the ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 standards, you are guaranteed that your eyes are well-protected from damage. 


  • Are there features to look for when buying an auto-darkening welding helmet?


There is a huge variety of auto-welding helmets in the market today, but to get the best, here are a few features to look for:

#1: Faster lens reaction time.

#2: Designed with more than 3 sensors.

#3: Has variable shade lenses; usually between #9 and #13 to help you clearly see the welding process even when the brightness of the welding arc changes.

#4: Designed with adjustable delay and sensitivity controls.

#5: Larger viewing area or size.

#6: Consider an efficient power source; you may go with both batteries and solar panels.

Wrap up

Auto-darkening welding helmets are indeed beneficial – these are efficient, convenient, comfortable to use, and it increases your safety during welding. If you are planning on purchasing an auto-darkening welding helmet make sure to read reliable product and customer reviews first before reaching a decision.