Bad lifestyles, weight problems, and my musically inclined fun gym

Bad lifestyles, weight problems, and my musically inclined fun gym

People today are becoming increasingly weaker in terms of their health. A few years ago, people were quite hardy. There was a time when people were boxing professionally without gloves. The contestants could fight for many rounds without any of them succumbing. Today fighters need to wear padded gloves and still they cannot withstand as many punches as the boxers of old could. The sportsmen of today are however better at performance in terms of strength, speed, and technique but they are not as resilient. The facilities that are available today are used to enhance performance but this is done at the expense of the toughness and longevity of the individual.

Deteriorating health is not only felt in the sport cycles, but it is felt throughout. People have adopted new lifestyles that are quite damaging to their health. Today people are more concerned about making more money and so they will spend most of their time working in the offices where they will be sited for most of the time. After working, they are tired and have very little time to rush home, cleanup, and rest; ready for work on the next day.

Due this limited, time many people opt to buy ready cooked food which will save them the time of cooking. Since money is a major issue, they also try to buy the cheapest foods. Most of the time they end up buying junk food from fast food outlets. These foods can be quite appealing and in the end people get addicted to unhealthy eating habits where they depend on fast foods and snacks for their sustenance.

As a result of people adopting this lifestyle of inactivity and bad eating, people are developing weight problems. They are getting overweight. An overweight body is usually a trigger for many other problems. For one, an overweight person is unattractive, and an overweight person risks suffering from many health conditions.

This is where I come in, I am a health and fitness coach. I work in a gym where I help people from morning to evening to work out their bodies so as to attain fitness and to manage their weight. I also provide nutritional counselling to my trainees and also offer other health counselling services.

I am a unique health and fitness coach. I like working in a fun environment. I also like my trainees to work out in environments that are fun and where they also enjoy working out. As such, I use music very much in my workout routines. My gymnasium is fitted with loudspeakers all around. I also have a music system which I have connected to a pre amp that amplifies the sound to the entire training hall.

I play carefully selected music when holding my sessions. The music that I play is music that is motivational and drives the trainees to work out more and to enjoy the sessions.

I also love music and I have a small guitar a Taylor GS mini, which I keep in the gym. I at times play the guitar for my trainees but mostly, I play it as therapeutic remedy for myself after a stressful day.

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