Best fishing gear: Crafters saltwater tackle box product review

I have been fishing in my local area for long whenever I have found the time. The water is salty. My general rig contains rod and a reel and supported by Oak-Pine set. I have seen my friends, other people use all kinds of expensive gear, however, till now, I have not bothered much about expanding my gear.

Over the times, I found myself quite limited using the Oak-Pine set, primarily because this box is a bit small. I finally saw a rationale in expanding my gear, making things more organized and zeroed on the Crafter Saltwater Tackle Box review. I am glad I bought this, as it has become part of my rig for saltwater fishing since then.

Unboxing experience

The packaging was neat and it was not a hassle to open. The first part that attracted me was it just had the right essentials for saltwater fishing and in nice little compartments. The box itself nicely seals together much more than I expected and is very much watertight. The plastic has a smooth feel and seems quite durable. Another aspect is it is clear, you can see the stuff from outside.


It had more than sixty pieces of essentials including rigs, hooks and other items. The items included White Bucktail Jig, for casting or trolling you have a silver spoon. It has Sabiki rig, a bait holder rig. You have Kahle and Open eye Hooks. It comes with Rolling Swivels and Steel Leaders. The steel hooks are of made up of high carbon steel and of Saltwater grade.


  • It is quite easy to carry, the box is lightweight and compact, the hooks are strong. This is particularly handy when you do not want to take your full gear for fishing. The locks are quite sturdy. It has all the essential for saltwater fishing.


  • There is no space for expansion. The box could have benefited with weights, a few floats and bobbers, these are not present in the box. I would have been glad if we could accommodate these extra items. These presently would have to be carried separately. The box is not geared for freshwater fishing and thus not a generic box. One definite addition, I miss is the presence of a handle. This feature would make the box unbeatable.

Overall experience – The hooks are really sharp and does the job, the quality of the lures are quite good. The component dividers can be reordered and is a plus. It is light weight so is just the right thing when you do not want to carry your whole gear. It gives you a decent saltwater fishing experience with just the right things you would normally require for a saltwater fishing.