Best-Seller Multifunctional Running Belts


Comfort is what runners need to execute their best performance at this sport. Running with your personal belongings such as your phone, wallet, keys, ID’s and a bottle of water hanging around your hips or stored in your pockets is uncomfortable and annoying. It keeps on jabbing your hips and it bounces with every move you make. The good news you can still bring your valuable items with you as you run by using a running belt.


Running belt has become a necessity for runners and individuals who love performing physical activities like exercising, hiking and traveling. It is no wonder why there are countless of running belt brands on the market today. Choosing a running belt is quite confusing especially for first-time buyers. Remember that there are several brands of this fitness accessory that you have to consider before handpicking one. The good thing is there are web portals like Outdoor Fitlab who provides an honest look at the best running belts on the market. Based on customer ratings from the online market like Amazon and review sites such as Outdoor Fitlab, here are the best-seller multifunctional running belts that you should check out.


Running Belt Max


The Running Belt Max is one of the most reliable producers of quality, durable and comfortable running belts. Their running belt is made of Lycra, a soft material that is stretchable, lightweight and fits easily. The Running Belt Max is an ideal hip belt for exercising, yoga, traveling, and hiking. It can store iPhone X, 8, 8Plus, 7, 7Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 and smartphones in similar sizes. You don’t have to worry about using this belt in storing your gadgets since Running Belt Max has waterproof pockets. It also has reflective zippers and earphone hole so you can have an enjoyable time.


FlipBelt Zipper


The FlipBelt Zipper is the latest version of the ‘classic’ Flipblet running belt. This newest product of FlipBelt features zippered pockets, easy slip on compartments, and 3M reflective safety logo. This running belt is designed for running, hiking, exercising, cycling, and any form of outdoor sports. Since this belt is highly elastic and has larger compartments, it can store your smartphone, ID, wallet, keys and even your bottle of water without overcrowding.


Eazymate Running Belt


Are you searching for a running belt that is fashionable yet practical? If you do, the Eazymate running belt is the best option for you. The Eazymate running belt is ranked sixth in the leading running belts in the market for its waist packs. This product is multifunctional. You can even use it while you go shopping. Moreover, Eazymate appears stylish and has three colors which you can choose from. This product is made of Spandex Lycra making it soft and elastic. Thus, Eazymate is not bulky and hugs your waist as you wear it. Picking out a running belt is not that complicated. All you need is the right guide to help you in choosing the perfect running belt for your daily activities. For more details on running belts, visit Outdoor Fitlab right away!