Comparing Straight Vs Safety Razors

straight vs safety razor

Razors for men have come a long way in both technology and variety since they were first introduced. Gone are the days when men shivered at the thought of deadly sharp blades being wielded close to their throat. Today’s modern shavers are sophisticated machines ergonomically designed and that move smoothly over your skin, leaving it fresh and clean. Yet, the debate between straight vs safety razors still continues.

There are double edge razors also called the safety razors which are still unchallenged as far as the best and deepest wet shaving experience is concerned. The disposable double edge blades come cheap making for low running costs, while the razor itself could be priced quite high. It is recommended that beginners use cartridge razors and then move onto safety razors a few years down the line. Single blade razors refer to these double edge razors as well as the straight razor or colloquially the cut throat. This last one also gives a very close shave, not achievable in today’s multi-blade marvels. Body shavers or body groomers are also popular among men now who want to boost their looks and trim and shave all over their bodies.

A straight razor is a razor with a permanent single blade and a handle. A safety razor is designed so that only the edge of the blade is exposed to the skin. Earlier straight-edge razors are used which are dangerous in use. The safety razor came into existence which is just the alternate of straight-razors. These safety razors are much like straight-edge razors but are made to protect shaver from cuts and other injuries. Safety razors come in a variety of styles like a double and single blade.

Tips to protect from injuries while shaving:

1. To avoid any cut or injury, provide a smooth surface to shave. For the young generation, it is not a big deal as their skin is tight, but older men need to worry about this. While shaving, hold the skin tight with their facial muscles. This provides smooth surface to a safety razor.

2. Gently handle the safety razor across the skin for working properly. These safety razors are not plastic razors and thus do not need a lot of pressure to function.

3. Modify shaving techniques according to beard or mustache length. If you have short hair, use short strokes and if thin hair then uses the smooth stroke.

4. Make sure that while shaving the blade is at the right angle that is at 30� from the skin. Adjust the razor’s handle to achieve the proper degree angle.

5. If possible change shaving blades every week. This will protect the skin against skin problem. Maintain the equipment even if you are able to use razors longer than a week.

Straight vs safety razors on various parameters:


It is easy to use the safety razor as compare to straight razor even for first time user. On contrary to this, using straight razor requires lots of practice. There is need to learn proper method while using a straight razor.

Environment friendliness

Safety razors are hazardous for the environment. The cartridges used in safety razor are thrown each year by many of the safety razor users which are a sheer waste.

Although from above discussion it is not yet clear which is best as both have their own pros and cons. So, in brief, we can say it is up to the choice of the shaver which razor he likes to choose or use.