Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop review

If you’re reading this review researching on double induction cooktop, then chances are you’re already sold on this breakthrough known as induction technology. There is a huge market and still more potential for double burners with its market often a time includes people who are into smaller as well as more efficient cooking appliances to replace the full-sized ones. This is no exception with the cooktop as more and more people are taking on the Double Induction Cooktop to cater to their recreational activities be it in their cars, boats or those looking to create more space for accommodation, downsizing or have tiny kitchens especially given the explosion of “tiny house” frenzy. It is also suitable for those of you who for one reason or the other (such as growing old) find themselves cooking less. And last but not least it is meant for those of you who live to save that extra buck as the Cooktop helps you cut down on energy consumption hence save on the bills. Of course, people on the top of the financial ladder also purchase it as it suits their need for extra burners be it for professional use or their meals like cooking or warming. You can also click here to see more

As you can see Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop review comes in handy as am sure most of you fit the above criteria. And in case you are wondering why I have not mentioned that of a single burner well it is for the simple fact that it can’t meet your needs as well as a double portable cooktop.

Whichever the case, purchasing a double induction cooktop, is not just purchasing an extra cooking appliance—which you put away when you don’t have its use- you’re actually buying into a new kind of lifestyle. This is a new way for you to be operating in the kitchen, and, chances are it can permanently your old cooktop.

Now without further talk let’s heat it up

Overview of features

The double induction cooktops I am going to review have the following features:

  • Power;1800 watts
  • Capable of being plugged into the standardized 120V outlet
  • Have digital readout displaying temperature, time as well as error codes
  • Timer: Automating shutoff upon removal of the pun or due to overheating
  • Pan sensor meaning it won’t light up if a pan is not detected
  • Error codes (see user manual)
  • Cooling fans that are always running as long as you are using the unit.
  • Requires a cookware that is magnetic (i.e induction-compatible).

I believe that is sure to keep you alert for the rest of the review, here we go

Burner Size

Most of the double induction cooktops have got similarly sized burners as its single induction version (i.e 6” more or less in diameter) capable of accommodating pans that have bottom diameters ranging between 5-11”. Even its mini version (e.g MD-2B) have similarly sized burners. However, for you to be able to fit the two burners into your portable induction burner, you may have to sacrifice a bit of your cooking area. This is the reason you might not have the ability to simultaneously use two large pans. No need to raise your eyebrows as it is no biggie unless if you are faced with the unlikely scenario of cooking for crowds.

Temperature Control

Since they are designed as a replacement for full-sized cooktops, they have superb temperature control most having a standardized temperature that ranges from 140F-460F. If you are a cooking geek you will have to compromise here unless you have no qualms about spending more, much more in getting extragranular controls.

All in all brief as it may be am sure you are now set to buy one and if you got deeper pocket raise the heat.