Cute Pomsky: Top Temperament Traits of a Pomsky That You Need to Know

4Pomsky or Pomeranian Husky is a crossbreed between a Pomeranian and Husky. The female husky carries and gives birth to the puppies, while most the genes are from Pomeranian dog. If you are planning to buy Pomsky, you should at least know their personality and traits with the following Pomsky facts.

  1. They are quite intelligent dogs

According to the experts, the Pomeranian Huskies are one of the most intelligent dogs; this probably because their parent dogs, the Huskies, is known to be an intelligent dog too. These cute and loyal dogs are eager and quick to learn new things and tricks. However, if these dogs are left untrained and deprived of any socialization, it would be very difficult to train them with new skills or control them with their playful actions.

  1. They are sociable

One of the main cute traits of these dogs is their socialization. As mentioned earlier, these dogs must be given the time to socialize with other dogs, the environment, and other people to develop social trust with the surroundings. If given the right training in mingling with other dogs and people, they can show how they want so much of people’s attention.

  1. They are easy to train

Since these dogs are one of the most intelligent dogs, training them while they are still pup is easy. All you need to do is teach them in a playful way because they can become bored with some training since these dogs are considered one of the most active types of dogs.

  1. They are fast runners and high jumpers

Do not underestimate these dogs because of their being small, because most of the Pomskies are fast runners and high jumpers, which is similar to their parent dogs – the Pomeranian and the Huskies.

  1. They can be very loyal and protective too

Similar to their parent dog (Huskies), the Pomeranian Huskies are loyal and very protective too, especially when they are around with kids. Also, even if they are playful, they love to be with kids all the time; in fact, there had been recent videos and news about Pomeranians taking care of babies while they are sleeping.

  1. They love to be a pet

These dogs similar to their parent dogs, the Pomeranians, they love to be cuddled and petted most of the time. In fact, these are one of those small types of dogs who like to show off or love to get the attention of the crowd. The Pomskies are a wonderful companion for kids, adults, and even those people who are suffering from depression, cancer patients, and many more. However, these dogs are very furry, which means, they are not suitable for people who have allergies since they do shed a lot.

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