Edema and Compression Socks

A lot of people today experience this condition called edema. Some may not know it but this comes in a form of unusually swollen legs. This can be caused by different factors and fortunately, this can also be prevented and treated in different ways.

Edema, otherwise known as water retention or swelling makes your feet feel fat and heavy. This may be caused by a problem in circulation as the fluid is retained and pooled on the fit. You may see bloated legs, skin marks and tight skin when this happens. This is often caused by pregnancy, running injuries, prolonged sitting or standing, and kidney failure.

It is important to determine the cause of edema to be able to find ways to treat it directly. There are two kinds of pressure set on veins; osmotic and hydrostatic. These can be helped by proper diet, exercise and some products that can treat it. As an example, we have compression socks. This works wonders if combined with a healthy meal and activity.

Compression socks for edema that work can easily be bought online. This works by helping the blood flow back towards the heart making it easier to get rid of the excess fluid stuck on your legs.

A good item that you can try is the BeFit24 Edema Compression Socks; this is one of the top rated compressions socks used by people with edema. This applies 10-14 mm Hg pressure on the legs and reduces the occurrence of varicose veins. This is made of 55% elastane and 45% polyamide. This item is breathable and can keep you cool while you wear it the entire day.

Another good one is the Tonus Elast Open Toe Medical Compression Socks. This is an open toe model which applies 18 to 21 mm Hg pressure on the legs. Its flat seams and unique design effectively prevents chaffing and blisters. It is made of 80% polyamide and 20% lycra, thereby aiding in blood flow and reducing swelling. Its heel zone design also gives additional support for your legs to keep you feeling good the whole day.

You can go for the Neo G Travel and Flight Compression Socks too. This puts between 14 and 18 mm Hg to the legs. It also has a heel cup that assures you of comfort and durability. The compression it gives is gradual so you can snugly fit into it without feeling uncomfortable.

These are just some examples of the items that you can purchase easily. The results can appear in as early as 24 hours of use. The pressure you get from these will keep your legs and feet looking normal and edema free. You can also spare yourself from developing varicose veins.

For those who are pregnant or someone who spends most of your time sitting or standing for long periods, this is a good investment for you. Exercise and good nutrition helps but getting this to supplement will play a huge impact on keeping you healthy and fit. Go ahead and try it for yourself, you will definitely see and feel the difference.