Fire Pit Tips and Tricks to Maximize its Use

There are no dull moments during campfire, especially when you can experience it at home with your family or close friends without the need to go camping; simply, by using a fire pit. Whether it is summer or winter, you can enjoy using the fire pit all year round.

If this is your first time using a fire pit, here are some useful tips and tricks to maximize its use:

#1: Place a generous amount of sand at the bottom of your fire pit

If you own a cast iron fire pit or a stainless steel fire pit that is movable, try placing a generous amount of sand at the bottom of the fire pit, especially when you are using it on a wood deck or wooden outdoor floors; this is to protect the surface area where you are planning to place the fire pit.

#2: Never use wood scraps

If you want to enjoy the crackling sound of the burning wood and its bright flame on the fire pit, make sure to avoid using wood scraps that are treated, painted, stained, and with nails. It is not easy to make a good flame out of wood scraps; instead, use uniform pieces of firewood. The flames from a uniform type of woods are easier to control. Plus, it can provide a stable and safe flame.

#3: Position your fire pit on a safe location

Make sure to safely position your fire pit that is at least 10 feet away from your house or your neighbor’s yard. It must not be under a tree or nearby a tree with an overhanging branch. Position your chairs at a safe space away from the fire pit; this is to avoid possible slight burns caused by flying embers from the burning wood.

#4: Light up your fire pit the correct way

It is easy to start a fire on a natural gas fire pit or propane fire pit but it is never easy to light up fire on wood, especially if it is your first time. Here are some useful tips to start a fire on the fire pit, the correct way:

  • Gather some tinder; these are quick-to-burn fuel sources that can easily burn the kindling (twigs, sticks, and more), and eventually your firewood. Tinder can be a newspaper, leaves, tree barks, and more.
  • Position your tinder at the center of the fire pit and your kindling above the pile of your tinder, but make sure to leave gaps to allow airflow for lighting.
  • By the time your kindling is burning, place your seasoned firewood with necessary spacing to allow adequate airflow for better lighting.
  • If necessary, add additional tinder and or kindling to the fire pit.

#5: Add a grill grate

Who said you can’t cook on fire pits? If you want to maximize the use of your fire pit, try adding grill grate where you can grill hotdogs, sausages, and even steak. All you need to do is find the perfect grill grate for your fire pit. Choose a cast iron or steel grill grates; it can easily absorb heat from the fire and can cook your food in no time.

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