Guide in Buying Cannabis Online for Beginners

Every cannabis enthusiast wants to experience the best smoking experience. However, in order for you to achieve that, you should get the best cannabis buds in the market.

The first thing that you should look at when buying your cannabis is the flower of the plant. If it looks really good, it means that you will experience relaxing aromas, great flavor, and pleasant highs. While smoking a plant with a bad flower can give you a bad experience. Always choose the “Private Reserve,” “fire,” and “loud” cannabis. Stay away from “bunk,” “brink,” and “schwag”.

However, identifying a top shelf or high-quality cannabis can be a difficult task even for experienced cannabis users. Here is a guide in buying your cannabis online.

What are the factors that should be considered in buying cannabis?

The flower in a cannabis plant refers to the cured or dried bud or nugs. It is usually intoxicating because it contains THC which is an indicator of euphoric potency. However, it does not mean that all cannabis flowers are intoxicating. Some do not have THC but contains a huge amount of CBD instead. It means that a flower with less or zero THC will have fewer intoxicating effects.

There are four factors that you should consider in determining a high-quality cannabis flower:

  • Flower structure

If cannabis, specifically a Sativa, is cured and cultivated, its flowers are usually fluffy and light in composition and shape. While in Indica types, the flower would be denser and tighter. However, this factor does not really have much difference when it comes to the experience that you will get but it still plays a role.

If you have noticed that the flowers are rock-hard, it means that the cultivators have applied plant growth regulators to the plant. As a result, cannabis would have an unpleasant taste. Moreover, if the flower is extra fluffy, it might mean that it was not exposed to enough light.

  • Feel

Once you receive your cannabis, you should try squeezing it between your fingers. If it is high-quality cannabis, it should feel slightly spongy and sticky. The bud should be easily broken and the stems should snap when you squeeze it. Remember that it should not crumble or feel dry when you touch it.

Buds of a cannabis plant should not be too soft or wet because it might give a higher chance for mildew or mold to develop.

  • Look

When you get your hands on high-quality cannabis, you will instantly know if it is good just by the looks of it. Good cannabis can look good but if it is top-shelf, you can notice a display of vibrant colors. If it is good quality, it would have lime or deep green color with red or orange hairs. While some can have bright blue or deep purple colors.

Tip: Stay away from cannabis with brown tones.

  • Smell

If cannabis is cured and cultivated, it will give out a pleasant and pungent smell. The flower will have a strong fragrance that cannabis enthusiasts usually call “loud” or “dark.” The sweet smell of the flower can indicate its quality.

To get the best cannabis and achieve the best experience, you should find a reputable source of cannabis. You can check out the shadedco website for your cannabis needs.