Hooded Litter Box: Pros and Cons of Using It

1Some cats want to do their thing in private. This is the reason why hooded litter boxes in various colors and shapes surface in the market these days. The benefits that this fixture brings can be endless but it’s nice to know its drawbacks too before buying it. This post will discuss both the pros and cons of buying the covered type of cat litter box.

However, how do you know that your furry friend really needs privacy? For some, most advantages of a hooded cat litter boxes serve the cat’s owner most. This is also the reason why these types of litter box sell like hotcake in the market these days.


Litter is contained inside the box It will be easier to keep the floor clean around the box if you are using a covered litter box. This is especially true if your cat loves digging hard when it does its thing. A bigger box built with high edges is most preferable.


Control of scent

Hooded litter boxes are known for their ability to trap odor and prevent it from spreading in the room. This can be beneficial for humans but not for the cat. Simply because your furry friend needs to deal with the odor that is trapped inside the litter box. For humans, it feels like doing your thing in a portable CR. Hopefully, the cat will still use this and not prefer to urinate on the carpet instead. However, this scenario can be prevented if you scoop the litter at least twice a day. Somehow, the odor can be managed so it will be tolerable for your cat.

No sight

It can be nice not to see your cat poo. But do you think this is what your cat wants considering its nature? Truth is, open spaces is what cat loves because this allows them to see predators coming from a distance. This is an instinctive trait that can’t be eliminated, even among domesticated cats. Obviously, cats don’t want to be defenseless and this can happen if they sleep and if they litter in a hooded litter box.

Dries long

Without exposed to an open air, the litter will dry longer. And because it is covered, pet owners need not deal with such sight. However, the opposite thing goes with the cat. That is why it is important to clean the litter box more frequently to always make it comfortable for your furry friend.

Hard to use

Unlike the traditional litter box, hooded boxes require you to take off its lid when cleaning it. Hence, instead of just scooping the litter, you have to detach and reattach the hood as well. Cats with big sizes will find it hard to do their thing in a closed tiny box. For one, they can’t have the most comfortable position. Secondly, older cats suffer from back pain, making it even more challenging.

However, hooded cat litter box is proven to be very helpful for cat owners as well as for the cat themselves, otherwise, they will no longer be around if they are not as useful as they claim to be. Check out for more information about hooded cat litter box.