How To Increase Platelet Count Naturally

The platelet is among the blood component that is primarily responsible for the clotting capacity of the blood itself. The prevention of bleeding can be mainly attributed to the normal levels of platelet count in the human body. In the event that there is a significant decrease in platelet count, certain signs and symptoms will be experienced. These conditions are generally related to the main function of platelet, which is to prevent bleeding through blood clotting. Platelet count that is below the normal level can cause bleeding tendencies, commonly in the gums, hematoma or bruising, and weakness and fatigue. The condition where platelet count is significantly reduced is called thrombocytopenia. It commonly happens when there are pre-existing conditions, such as leukemia, hemorrhagic fever, sepsis, and certain autoimmune diseases.


Severe thrombocytopenia would definitely need the help of a health care professional because medical treatments are of great importance. The interventions would focus on reaching and maintaining the normal level of platelet as well as addressing the underlying cause, if there are any. For those who are experiencing mild reduction in platelet count, there are some tips for increasing your platelets at home and in a more natural way, which includes a healthy diet and the consumption of supplements that contain natural ingredients responsible for keeping the blood cells healthy and its components within normal limits. These natural supplements are not monitored and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration; therefore, it is advisable to seek consultation before regularly taking in those products.

Vitamins and minerals play a role in keeping the platelet count within normal levels and most of them can be found in food items as well as in supplemental forms. Among the most common are vitamin B12, folate, iron, and vitamin C. Each of them has certain properties that are capable of keeping the blood cells as healthy as possible. One may complement with the others for better results. Beef, liver, egg, and clams are some of the food items where the said vitamins and minerals can be obtained.

In addition to the necessary vitamin-rich diet, there are supplemental products that are made of natural ingredients which are primarily included to keep the blood cells at its optimum and help increase the platelet count of an individual. One of these is the papaya leaf extract. Studies have shown how this particular component was able to increase the platelet count in tested animals. While there are still no evidence as to its effects on humans, taking it poses no threats as long as it is kept in recommended doses.

Not a lot of people are familiar with bovine colostrum, but this initial substance that a baby cow receives from the mother has shown some capacity to improve platelet count for those who have tried it despite the lack of formal studies.

Other supplements that are reported to have positive effects on platelet count are chlorophyll and melatonin, but there is insufficient evidence to support such claim.

For more details on natural supplements to help increase platelet level naturally, you can browse through the internet.