How to Tell If a Subwoofer is Any Good?

Having a hard time choosing the right subwoofer that will suit best in your car audio system?

Searching for a quality subwoofer is tricky and confusing especially to a person with no experience in buying this type of car audio device. And even if you do have an experience, the choices available in the market together with the conflicting reviews of online sources are overwhelming. Of course, there is no person who would purchase a subwoofer that is not worth their money.

But how can you tell if a subwoofer is any good?

You are aware that subwoofers come in varieties; there are several brands, models, features, size, aesthetics, and sound quality of this product on the market. One of these items is the right one for your car. You only have to learn how to determine which subwoofer is perfect for your car.

Look at these tips on how you can identify a high-quality subwoofer.

#1 Size

Generally speaking, most car subwoofers are installed at the back of the car or inside the trunk.  A subwoofer can take so much space if not installed properly. Moreover, the size of the subwoofer can be a nuisance if you are using your car to load large items.

Most car audio fanatics would say a 15 inches subwoofer is the best you can get. It is the largest size in the market and can produce really powerful bass. But if you prefer something that is more convenient and creates less heavy bass, look into 10 subwoofers. This model can improve the sound quality of your car speakers without sacrificing too much cargo space.

#2 Power

Honestly, most first time buyers shy away from high-powered subwoofers. As much as possible, they avoid subwoofers with 1000W because of a mindset that high-powered subwoofers are louder in comparison to low-powered ones. Do you have the same mindset about subwoofer wattage?

It is wrong to discriminate that high-powered subwoofers can only produce loud booming bass. The watt rating you see on the product description are the only rough guide to tell you the sound level a subwoofer can achieve. All subwoofers have volume controls. No matter the wattage rating of a subwoofer you can always minimize or maximize the volume of the device using volume controls. In fact, it is ideal to purchase high-powered subwoofer compared to a 100W model. It can create clearer sound in regular room volumes rather than a low-powered subwoofer.

#4 Price Talks

In reality, the most advanced subwoofers with outstanding quality are rather expensive; however, it does not mean that several cheap ones here can only produce poor quality sound.

You can find a wide variety of car subwoofers with affordable price and excellent features. One example is the Rockford Fosgate Punch P2D4-12. This subwoofer has plenty to admire. It can produce strong and powerful bass. The power rating of this item is 150W-400W. It is also lightweight and only measures 12 inches.

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