How to Tell If Your Fresh Magic Mushroom Has Gone Bad?

Fresh magic mushroom has a short lifespan. Now, how can you tell that your magic mushroom is no longer fresh?

Magic mushrooms grow seasonally. While you can cultivate some strains all year round, some particularly grow in specific weather. As a result, many shroom users tend to collect seasonal magic mushrooms and store them in bulk. Chances are, you are doing the same right now. Unfortunately, mushrooms have a short lifespan. They rot in weeks and become no longer edible.

How Long Shrooms Last? 

The average shelflife of magic mushroom is 1 to 2 weeks. It quickly rots if not taken care of after cultivation. Their short lifespan is not exclusive to shrooms; it is true to every type of mushroom.

The moment a mushroom is plucked, it becomes vulnerable to oxidation caused by various factors. These factors drastically affect the chemical composition of the fungus resulting in a lower potency rate and efficacy. It is why experts always remind shroom users who are planning to gather and store fresh magic mushrooms to handle them correctly and use effective preservation methods.

What are the Factors that Affect Shroom Freshness? 

Oxidation is the number one culprit behind the poor potency of magic mushrooms. It occurs due to exposure to air, moisture, light, and heat. These factors directly attack the chemical makeup of magic mushrooms, causing a loss in potency; also, it kick-starts the development of impurities, resulting in poor-quality magic mushrooms.

What are the Signs that Shrooms Have Gone Bad? 

All mushrooms showcase similar tell-tale signs that it has gone bad. When you notice a slimy film covering its skin surface, it is enough to sign that the shroom is no longer good for consumption. Likewise, its color changes into a darker hue and you’ll notice signs of mold growth.

Rotting mushrooms also have a bad odor. It smells similar to how lettuce or any vegetable rots.

How to Increase Shroom Shelf-life? 

There are various ways to improve magic mushroom lifespan. The two most common methods are to correct storage. Keep the mushrooms in an air-tight container. Vacuum sealed bags, jars, or any tight-sealed container will do good storage.

If you prefer your magic mushroom fresh, make sure to consume them before two weeks. Though packing them in vacuum-sealed bags reduces the risk of oxidation, it does not completely stop spoilage. If your goal is to keep your stash for a longer time, the best way is to preserve them by drying.

You can dry magic mushrooms through traditional sun or air drying. It commonly takes two to three days of drying before the shrooms are ready for storage. For less time-consuming drying, why not directly dry them over inside an oven or use a food dehydrator? The latter is perhaps the best option among the three drying methods.

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