How to tell of a Wine Cooler is the Right One for Your Wine Collection?

“Maintain” is the keyword for proper wine aging and great taste. Every high-end vintage bottled wine is carefully preserved in cellars or storage rooms with the correct temperature. It is the reason why expensive wines leave a smooth feel on the palate.

Fluctuating temperature and humidity are the primary factors that cause wine damage. Heat causes the wine to expand, which results in adding pressure in the bottle. The pressure allows the aroma to escape through the cork. Moreover, heat makes the tannins more noticeable and adds acidity to the beverage. The unpleasant acidity leaves a rough and tangy mouth feel.

Keeping bottles of wine inside a wine cellar is the best choice. Unfortunately, not all wine enthusiasts have a wine cellar at home. If you don’t have one, the best alternative you can get is a wine cooler.

A wine cooler has controls that allow you to set the desired temperature to preserve wine and other beverages. Moreover, coolers are at a constant temperature. It can keep wine at its best taste and quality.

Now the problem lies in searching for a high-quality wine cooler. Take note that wine coolers vary in capacity, design, and features. You also have to consider your budget. Then, how can you tell if you are looking into the right wine cooler for your collection?

Below are some tips to help you get started.

#1 Check the Capacity

The first thing you have to consider is the cooler’s capacity. Some can store around 12 bottles of wine, whereas others have a larger capacity that can keep up to 40 bottles of wine.

Pick out a capacity that suits your wine collection. But if you love to increase the number of your wine, it is wiser to select a larger capacity for future use.

#2 Temperature Control

Make sure to choose a wine cooler that is user-friendly. Today, wine refrigerators with a digital display are more popular. It is very convenient and easier to control.

#3 Sturdy Build

Another factor you have to consider is the item’s construction. Select one that is guaranteed durable and has a longer lifespan. Also, ensure that the cooler’s rackers or shelves are sturdy enough to hold wine bottles.

#4 Adjustable Shelves

Not all wine coolers have an adjustable and removable shelf or racker.

Adjustable rackers and shelves let you store various sizes of wine bottles. Moreover, you can keep large bottles like Pinot and Champagne without quickly running out of space.

#5 Under the Counter Wine Cooler

If you have limited space in the kitchen, maximize the function of your area by using under the counter wine cooler.

There is a wide variety of this type of cooler. You can check out under counter wine cooler reviews you can trust right here.

Final Thoughts          

Spend on a wine cooler that meets your expectations or preferences. Reading product reviews can help you identify which wine refrigerator is a worthy investment. The Perfect Wine Temp is one reliable source wherein you can learn more about these items.