Hummus: Why Not Get Your Family Hooked On It?

Hummus: Why Not Get Your Family Hooked On It?Hummus was once considered strange and exotic. Few people heard of it and fewer seemed to eat it. Now, however, hummus has reached a new level of popularity as people search for heal-thier snacking options. They have every reason to choose hummus, too—it’s got quite a few things going for it.

Traditional hummus contains few ingredients, but they are good ones: chickpeas, garlic, sesame paste, and olive oil, in most variations. Chickpeas are one of the healthiest foods in the world, full of protein and fiber, while garlic possesses anti-fungal properties and adds tons of flavor. Black beans and edamame are also common ingredients in place of chickpeas, and both are equally as healthy. With all the fiber and protein these beans offer, hummus is a sensible snack. You won’t want to pig out on it, though—beans tend to be high in calories!

In addition to its nutritional goodness, hummus comes in a variety of flavors. If you’ve tried tradi-tional hummus and found you weren’t a fan of it, you shouldn’t let that ruin it for you! There are a ton of other varieties of hummus out there, and you’re guaranteed to like one of them. For in-stance, if you’re more fond of guacamole, you might enjoy guaca-hummus. It’s exactly what it sounds like: chickpeas, avocado, and other ingredients found in guacamole. If spicy is more your thing, you might prefer hummus made with hot peppers and cumin. There’s even ranch flavored hummus! Not all these varieties are readily available, however…which is why many people have taken to making their own.

Sure, you can buy standard hummus at any supermarket. Making your own, however, is fun and simple. Additionally, you can experiment with flavoring – which is a good thing for picky kids who might not like the taste of chickpeas and garlic. A small food processor gets the entire job done nicely (check out this page if you don’t have one, or are considering buying one). All you would have to do is buy your ingredients. Canned chickpeas (or edamame or black beans, if you decide to go with something different) are standard, but the rest of the ingredients are up to you, as it depends on the variation you’re going with. The method of preparation is the same, no mat-ter what you choose to make—combine all your ingredients into your food processor, and process away until you see that thick and delicious hummus paste! You can add water to it if you want it to be thinner. When you’re done blending it all together, you can garnish the top of the finished dip with nearly anything you want. Adding bits of red or hot pepper is one popular option.

If you have a rice cooker and you’re feeling particularly adventurous (or even if your family just really loves rice) you could try preparing some rice to go with your hummus, exotic Middle East-ern style. You never know what just might work together!

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