Knowledge Check in History

The world’s history is composed of many tragic or sometimes breakthrough events that have created positive or negative impact to humanity. It is an important topic that it is required on study in class. The record of different of notable personalities in the past and there current contribution at the present that needs to be familiarized by present generation is imprinted in the books of history.

History: Timeline

The world history timeline was started to be documented by a German scholar named Karl Ploetz who published his book Auszuq aus der alten, mittleren, neuren und neusten Geschicte or popularized in English as An Epitome of Ancient, Medieval and Modern History. The book was mainly about timelines in the history of humanity that subjects to politics, religion, literature, science, technology, etc. The bases for this synchronized timeline are manuscripts, books, maps, photographs and other primary source of document.

According to the world digital library the first notable event in the history is the Rock art painting in Africa. Most of the early events in the history are about initial establishment of civilization like the creation of the first date on the Maya Calendar and foundation of the capital of Egypt which is the city of Memphis by King Menes. The succeeding happenings in the history of humankind is the start of religion like the Ten Commandments by Moses given to the Jewish people, birth of Daoism by Lao-tzu, Buddhism founded by Siddharta Gautama and Caste system in India and other principles introduced.

The next chapters of history are more about conquest and wars. It all started with invasion of Alexander the Great from Greece to western India. Despite the war, the spread of religion is inevitable as it was brought and introduced to different parts of the world.  Other notable structure was also recorded in the history timeline like the The Coliseum and China’s Grand Canal. The conquest was never stopped as different Dynasty emerged in China and empires all over the world were established. Seven Years War also commenced, French Revolution, American independence and civil war, Franco-Prussian War, Anglo Afghan War, Russo-Japanese war and of course the most tragic yet mark the end of all the – The World War II. It is the most famous war as it is always featured theme in different movies in the present. Lots of casualties and collateral damage of this war will be remembered forever.

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