Landscape Design Software Tools to Use this 2020

Have you ever watched a home renovation TV show?

If you have, then you surely thought of hiring a contractor right away to design your home for you. However, that would mean that you need to pay tons of money.

Will you be doing a landscape project? Well, that only means that you’d need a solid plan. While you can use pen and paper, it’s still better to use a digital landscaping tool to bring your ideas into reality.

There are two advantages that you can enjoy when you start using landscape design software. The first one is you can streamline the drafting process of design collaboration. Second, you can get an accurate representation of your outdoor space.

Here are some design software tools that you can use:

1. Designor Buddy

This software is an open-source landscape designing software and it’s for free! Designor Buddy was built on top of the Office Draw Program. It can allow you to integrate your landscape drawings into 2D images.

The best thing about this software is you can download it for free! Yes, that’s right. Zero download fees.

It has several features that you can enjoy like the library of materials, hardscapes, and plants, layers (like the ones in Photoshop), and the ability to scale.

2. Terragen

Terragen can facilitate the building and animate of natural and realistic environments.

Most of the applications of this software are film and TV production. It even has visual effect purposes.

Compared to other designing software tools, Terragen is more comprehensive because it can enable you to add photorealistic environments into your design.

The only downside of this software is it’s not for free. However, you can request a free license at for education use.

If you are going to get Terragen 4 Creative, you’ll need to pay $349. While if you want to purchase the Terragen 4 Professional, you’ll spend $699.

It features object rendering, terrain editor, realistic illumination, and realistic atmosphere model.

3. Marshalls Garden Visualizer

Marshalls supplies various landscape products in the United Kingdom such as paving accessories and products. If you visit their website, you can check out their landscape design tool which is called Marshalls Garden Visualizer.

This software can offer you a free garden planner. It means that you can create 3D plans or designs for your garden. Although there’s a limit in using this tool, it can surely be helpful in redesigning your yard.

You can download it for free if you use Safari or Firefox browsers.

It features access to Marshall Products, a network of approved installers, a library of paving materials and products, and simple, 3D visualizations.

At this point in time where technology has provided a lot of innovation, it means that there are a lot of ways to make our life convenient and efficient.

After designing your dream garden by using the tools above, maybe the next thing you’d need are yard tools. Visit now!