Listening to music or playing a musical instrument is an ideal remedy for many health related issues

Listening to music or playing a musical instrument is an ideal remedy for many health related issues

Music is known as a great remedy for psychological disorders. It is also a great soothing agent for people who are under stress. This does not mean that music does not have positive effects for the healthy persons. A healthy person will also get many positives when listening to music. As such, music is an important thing to have around.

One of the places where music can be highly appreciated in is in the hospitals. As mentioned above, music can provide remedial therapy for patients. For example, it is often common to find patients being treated to music therapy. The soothing tones of music can help them relax and help the body work better in combating their illnesses.

Another place where music is used is in health facilities such as in infant nurseries. Children, like older people also appreciate music. A nursery full of restless babies can be easily quietened down by nice soothing music. Children are very receptive to soothing music and that is why lullabies are sung to soothe babies to sleep. It is common today for parents to hang some musical bar chimes over the babies bed to soothe the child when the parents are not very close.

Music can be used with great positive impact in the nursing homes for the elderly. The elderly also love music. Cool soothing music is usually a great delight for them. The common rooms and halls in nursing homes for the elderly usually have some cool music playing in the back ground. Loud music is not good. Loud music might cause stress and therefore more damage.

The old people also like playing musical instruments. Many old aged people discover a passion for playing music instruments when they are in such homes. The limitless free time is a good time for them to learn a skill that they might have always wanted to learn. As such, nursing homes for the elderly should have some of the common music instruments that the elderly can play.

Some of these instruments include pianos, flutes, guitars, accordions, etc.

Since the elderly, just like the small kids are limited in their abilities, extra consideration should be given when buying musical instruments for the elderly for example, you might want to buy for them a digital piano similar to the children’s beginner’s piano. This piano is simple and easy to play without the complications of an advanced keyboard or piano.

When it comes to guitars, an acoustic guitar is definitely preferable to an electric guitar. An electric guitar is complicated and can be hazardous. An acoustic guitar is easier to play.

When dealing with the elderly, it is important to consider that many of them might not be able to play musical instruments such as guitars since many could be suffering from arthritis which would make it hard to perform dexterous actions with their hands and fingers.

The other group of people who need music in their health facilities are the mentally challenged. Mentally challenged can be quite aggressive and hostile but many times some music might provide remedial therapy.

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