Most Recommended E-Scooter with a Seat for Adults this 2020

While riding an e-scooter is fun, sometimes it can get exhausting, especially when you’re taking on difficult terrains or long-distance trails. Teenagers might not easily feel the exhaustion, but for adults who suffer from joint problems, it can be a big issue. To answer this dilemma, the top manufacturers of e-scooters introduced an innovation, which is the e-scooters with a seat.

Traditional e-scooters don’t have a seat. The rider has to stand and maintain balance when riding the micro vehicle. This new version is a standard scooter but with the addition of a seat. The extra feature allows the rider to relax while riding. Since it is stationary, the rider won’t feel exhaustion or discomfort from standing too long. Likewise, it prevents joint and muscle pain that usually accompanied by standing for extended periods.

Interestingly, an e-scooter with a seat has become popular in a short amount of time, especially with adults. Well-known manufacturers of this micro transportation have already launched several versions over the past year. Below is a list of the top-selling electric scooter with seat for adults that should know.

UberScoot E-Scooter

First on the list is the UberScoot by EVO Powerboards. This e-scooter can lift an adult weighing 117 pounds. To carry such weight, it has an impressive motor power of 1000W.

UberScoot does not only pride itself on having a high powered motor and weight capacity. This vehicle can run at a top speed of 24-26 miles per hour. And has a maximum distance range of 10 miles. Hence, if you are looking for an excellent e-scooter for a ride in the park or stroll around the neighborhood, you might want to consider this option.

Another feature that makes UberScoot outstanding is the wide pneumatic wheels it has. This feature supports stability and provides a stable grip on uneven grounds.

EcoSmart Metro E-Scooter by Razor

If you love to shop but despise long walking, then try this EcoSmart Metro E-scooter by Razor.

This model has an amazing loading capacity of 220lbs. Hence, the scooter can carry an average adult and accommodate extra baggage. Moreover, the scooter features a motor power of 500W. And it can run at a top speed of 18 mph and reach a distance of 10 miles.

Though this vehicle has no suspension system, it features wide pneumatic tires with a heavily-padded seat with shock-absorption springs. This feature supports a smooth ride and reduces the impact of bumps.

Hover-1 E-Scooter and Bike

This model from Hover is a combination of an e-scooter and an e-bike. The vehicle is foldable, so you can use it either as a bike or as a scooter.

This version is ideal as regular short-distance transportation. It has a maximum weight load of 285lbs and a speed of 20 mph. Also, the vehicle has a headlight, tail lights, and turn signals. This feature makes the scooter a good choice for urban commutes.

Take Your Pick!

Given the above options, which one do you prefer the most?

If you are still having a hard time selecting an e-scooter for adults, ask help from Guide Cool. This source will direct you towards the best e-scooters this 2020.